Best THC Detox Options: How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast (2023)

Best THC Detox Options: How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast (1)

If you're facing a drug test at short notice, then you'll need to learn exactly how to get weed out of your system fast.

I'm going to tell you everything you need to know right now. I'll cover every type of drug test, every type of problem, and every strategy you can use, including THC detox pills.

Putting together THC detox kits is simple if you understand some basic principles, and throughout, I'll be referring to these high-quality products that form the basis of the best THC detox options:

  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink
  • Mega Clean Detox Drink
  • Toxin Rid Detoxification Pill Courses
  • Sub Solution

Whether you are facing a urine drug test, saliva drug test, hair, or blood sample drug test, the combination of knowing which products to use, how the drug test will work, whether you can get clean or not, and what to do to pass, is all contained in this guide.

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Let's Put Together The Best Drug Test Detox Kits

Let's start this guide by looking at the products you can use to create your best drug detox kit.

You really do have a lot of options, depending on the type of test you are facing, and your situation.

  1. Drug Detox drinks

Detox drinks don't detoxify your body completely. That's a common misconception which can prove costly.

A good quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean works by flushing out your body more thoroughly than water can.

Doing so creates a gap in the THC detox flow, and it's usually three or four hours before your body can process toxins through the kidneys to appear in your urine again.

On top of that, the detox drink floods your body with things found in urine, and those are passed through as waste in the right proportions. This, along with ingredients to stain the urine, keep it looking and testing natural.

THC detox products work best when part of a more comprehensive detox process. Detox kits typically include a variety of products, such as detox pills, to address different aspects of the detoxification process.

  1. Drug Detox pills

Detox pills help to speed up the removal of toxins alongside a natural detox. If you want to get clean fast, properly clean, then these will really help to speed things up significantly, with Toxin Rid, by up to 75% fast then toxins can be removed naturally.

The other strategy is to use them in a combo drug detox kit. You'll use them alongside a detox drink and a couple of home drug tests.

Even if you've only got 24 hours notice before your test, you can do a 24-hour course of detox pills and that will push out far more toxins working their way out of the body at that time.

Then, a THC detox drink creates a gap in the toxin flow, and the overall lower levels of toxins heading out of the body means you get a good time to pass in.

Toxin Rid is the only detox pills I would recommend. Potent, flexible, and affordable, the courses are in lengths from a single day all the way through to 10 days, giving you flexibility on a partial detox through to a full detox even as a daily weed smoker.

  1. Synthetic urine

For a urine sample drug test, this is the best option. Only if it's unsupervised testing though, and I'll tell you what that is in in a moment.

You are not risking your own, or someone else's, urine. You are using a high-quality, complex, synthetic urine such as Sub Solution or Quick Luck, to pass the validity checks and visual scrutiny.

You're not risking microwave heating, heatpads, or having a sample outside the correct temperature range with these products either.

Sub Solution and Quick Luck both come with heat activator powder, which gives you the ability to completely control the temperature of the sample just before you go in and submit it.

These are some of the most preferred THC detox products.

Each Type Of Drug Test Explained

Let's now quickly talk you through the different types of drug test we are covering in this weed detox guide.

  1. Urine drug test

When you go to submit your sample, you will face one type of test, and I'll explain the three different types in a moment.

You will submit your sample, and then the following things happen:

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  • Within two minutes the sample is tested for temperature
  • The sample then completes validity checks
  • Immunoassay (panel drug test) is completed
  • If it fails immunoassay a full GC-MS analysis is completed

If you're going to use a combo of detox pills and detox drinks to get clean, then all you need to worry about is being clean to submit the sample.

If you're going to use high-quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution, then you need to make sure it's submitted within the correct temperature range. For detailed guide on using fake pee for a drug test visit

Oral drug test

The saliva test is dangerous because anyone can do it at short notice. At work, by the roadside, straight after an interview, it can happen right there.

Although results are mostly sent off for professional analysis, they can also be completed on the spot using a panel drug test kit or home drug test.

So, they are particularly dangerous even though drug metabolites don't hang around for saliva more than a day or two.

Oral Clear gum gets around the problem because you can use it with somebody right in the room with you. Cough, put your hand your mouth, split the capsule, and work it into the teeth and gums.

So as long as you have Oral Clear to hand, the underestimated danger of the saliva drug test will not be a problem for you.

  1. Hair drug test

The problem with the hair drug test is that if you have drug metabolites in your hair, then they will be detected.

Drug metabolites in the blood get trapped in the hair follicle, and then grow out within the new hair growth, trapped under the hard cuticle layer.

The only way to beat the hair drug test, other than shaving your head which is never recommended as they can just take a sample from elsewhere on the body, is to do something called the Macujo method.

Uses a range of ingredients, including “old style” Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo, to open up the cuticle layer, take out the toxins, and shut that layer up again safely.

But you have to do a number of times. For a regular weed smoker, at least five or six times, and preferably as many as 10 times at a rate of twice per day in the time leading up to your test.

This method helps to speed up your body's natural detoxification processes and can help you pass drug tests such as urine drug tests, hair drug tests, and saliva drug tests.

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The Three Levels Of Scrutiny You'll Face In A Urine Drug Test

The process for analyzing your sample once you've submitted it is exactly the same regardless of the number of panels paid for, as I've explained earlier.

But where the process changes is in the scrutiny you face when you submit the sample. That's where tighter scrutiny is maintained on problematic people, rather than a more intense analysis of the sample.

These are the three types of urine sample drug test scrutiny:

  1. The unsupervised drug test is the most common by far. Over 90% of urine drug tests carried out each year in the USA are unsupervised. That means you will be behind a screen, or a different room, on your own when you submit your sample. This type of drug test is perfect for passing with synthetic urine.
  2. Supervised drug tests mean that somebody will be in the room with you. Not looking directly at you, but you will be searched more thoroughly, and they will be present in the room to spot from natural movements or sounds. You can't really use synthetic urine belts or other contraptions in this situation, and you are best to stick to the best THC combo detox kit of detox pills and a detox drink.
  3. The observed drug test is the highest level of scrutiny. Very rare, and you'll know well in advance if you are facing it, as it will be usually for law enforcement and probation purposes. They will literally make you undress your bottom half in front of them so they can see you are not carrying anything. They will also watch you directly urinate. The only way out of this is to get clean in advance or mask the toxins.

How Long Do Drug Metabolites Actually Stay In Your Body?

Let's talk specifically about cannabis metabolites here. Unfortunately, it's really tough to tell you exactly how long they will stay in your body.

The reason is that there is so much individually wound into the answer:

  • How often you smoke
  • Strength of the cannabis
  • What other drugs you take
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Diet and food quality
  • Health and age
  • Your fitness

All of those things will affect how long cannabis metabolites hang around in the body. All I can do is give you a broad boundary brackets:

  • If you are smoking one or two joints per week, then you're probably be clean in two or three days after your last one.
  • If you are smoking more days per week than not, then it could take you up to a week to get clean, and possibly slightly longer.
  • If you are a daily weed smoker, then it could take you up to 2 weeks to get clean, and in some rare cases up to 3 months.

I know that may sound melodramatic, but it's the truth. One study found chronic multiple joints per day weed smokers were still sporadically testing positive for cannabis use up to 3 months after the last joint.

The Problem With Cannabis Metabolites

Not only is the buildup of weed metabolites a problem, because they are going into the body frequently with regular smoking, but it's also the way they act in the body that's the problem.

Cannabis metabolites are shaped differently to other drug types. Most drug metabolites simply work their way out through the kidneys and bladder.

Although up to 50% of cannabis metabolites act the same way, because of the way they are shaped, they can get trapped in fat cells in the body.

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Because of this, they may cling on far longer, and detach and be worked out of the body in a more irregular fashion. This is where THC detox supplements can help in speeding up the cleansing process.

That's why regular cannabis users can find that they test negative for a day or so, and then randomly test positive again.

Because half or more cannabis metabolites exit through the bowels, then eating plenty of dietary fiber and drinking plenty of water, which encourages bile production, is crucial to drawing as many metabolites as possible into the bowel as quickly as possible. Apple cider vinegar can also aid in this process.

Is It Possible To Detox Your Body In Just 24 Hours?

Unless you have so few drug metabolites in your body that you would probably be clean in that time anyway, then no, it's not possible to actually detoxify your body in just 24 hours.

The thing is, even if drugs wouldn't be traceable in blood tests and saliva tests in that time, they certainly would be with a urine test.

That's why if you are facing a short notice drug test, and you're here wondering how to get cannabis out of your system as fast as possible, then the combo strategy of pills and detox drinks is the one you should be looking at. Using THC detox products can also help in removing unwanted toxins and THC metabolites.

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How To Use Fake Urine To Pass A Drug Test

Let's start by explaining exactly how to pass a drug test by using good quality synthetic urine to do so.

We are talking about Quick Luck synthetic urine and Sub Solution here. Not the cheaper and poor-quality products that aren't complex and don't use heatpads (brands like Quick Fix synthetic urine and Monkey Whizz).

Sub Solution and Quick Luck are both highly complex, containing at least 14 chemicals found in urine. Perfectly balanced, they also look, froth, and smell like urine to fool any human scrutiny.

They also use heat activator powder rather than a heatpad. So no microwaving the sample or using a heatpad to try and maintain the temperature until you submit it. All that error-strewn scenario is removed.

There's literally no preparation with Quick Luck. With Sub Solution, before you leave, you simply mix it with some tap filtered water to hydrate it. Powdered urine kits like these can be an effective solution for passing a drug test.

On arrival, just before you go in, you check the temperature, and then tap in about one-third of the heat activator powder. Shake it gently until it dissolves and watch that temperature strip on the side of the bottle carefully.

If it doesn't show a reading, tap in a little more and repeat the process until it does. That's it, all you need to produce a high-quality sample within the correct temperature range.

Tuck it into your underwear, between two pairs of underwear to keep it secure. This will maintain the heat, and because it will be an unsupervised drug test you will be intimately searched and it will be found.

How To Use A Detox Drink To Pass A Drug Test

Let's now look at how you can pass a drug test with a detox drink. If you're looking for a way to flush THC out of your system fast, then although you can't do it, this is the way you can pass a drug test fast.

Rescue Cleanse is the THC detox product I would recommend. It's the best liquid detox on the market, and I've used it to pass urine tests three years ago. It is made with natural ingredients and is a popular choice among same day cleansers.

A good quality detox drink does the following:

  1. Eliminate toxins with the volume of liquid and encourages more to leave faster with other ingredients. This creates a gap in the toxin flow because it will take your body a few hours to catch up and process more.
  2. A good quality detox drink floods your body with things found in urine, such as uric acid. Because it floods the body, some are passed through as waste in the correct proportions, which hit your bladder and keep your natural urine appearance.
  3. Rescue Cleanse also includes ingredients which help to keep your urine looking right as well, to avoid visual scrutiny problems.

Put all that together, and even on its own, a good quality detox drink will create a gap in the toxin flow that lasts several hours, sometimes up to five hours.

However, if you're a heavy weed smoker, you might only get one or two hours before the toxins start pumping into your urine again, while more moderate smokers could get four or five hours during which they can submit a clean sample.

If you can't get hold of Rescue Cleanse, the best alternative is Mega Clean. It's not as good on its own, and I wouldn't use it on its own unless you have lower THC levels in your body.

However, if you buy it from Test Clear, it comes bundled with six Toxin Rid pills. That's enough for a full 24-hour detox on the day before your test, leaving a lot less toxins for Mega Clean to deal with.

How To Use Detox Pills To Pass A Drug Test

The only detox pills I recommend is Toxin Rid, which are essentially Pre Rid tablets. They come in course lengths from one day through to 10 days, and you can even add additional days.

Whatever course length you choose, and if you are a daily smoker, I recommend the full 10-day course. You will use them every day, at a rate of three pills per hour for the first five hours of the day during the course.


Then, on the last day after the last pills, you drink the detox liquid in two halves over four hours. This helps to accelerate the removal of the last toxins through your urine.

As a weed smoker, you'll then also use the high-potency fiber supplement. That will draw more of the remaining cannabis metabolites, like THC-COOH, into the bowel.

Make sure you do a natural detox alongside it, though. These are not miracle pills. You will need to abstain, sweat, eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and cut out taking in all toxins until you pass your test. This process helps to remove THC and improve your immune system.

How To Pass An Oral Drug Test

The only way I'd recommend you pass an oral THC drug test is to use Oral Clear gum. It's potent, keeping your saliva detoxify for an average of 15 minutes, but sometimes as long as 30 minutes for a light smoker.

When you are about to submit your sample, just before you into the room, or while the person doing the test is busy preparing, you discreetly put the capsule in your mouth, move the liquid around for about one minute, and then swallow the lot.

By the roadside, wherever it is, it's the same process. Discreetly pop the capsule, neutralize your saliva, and then swallow it to leave no trace.

Oral Clear gum (or rather a capsule of concentrated liquid) isn't cheap though. You may not need it if you are 100% certain won't face an oral drug test without a couple of minutes out of sight to prepare.

If you have time out of sight, you can use the far cheaper detox mouthwash Toxin Rid Rescue Wash instead. It's a small 2 fluid ounce bottle. Use half of it, spit it out, repeat the process, then dispose of the bottle, and you will be clean for up to 30 minutes.

Stay Away From These Poor Quality Drug Detox Products

Now I've told you about the best THC detox products, let's warn you away from the worst.

For synthetic urine, stay away from brands like Magnum, Quick Fix, U Pass, Urine Luck, and Monkey Whizz.

Poor quality detox drinks include the entire QCarbo range, the entire Stinger detox range, Ultra Eliminex, Magnum detox, and Champ Flush.

For detox pills, just avoid the lot. There is not a single good quality product out there that is comparable to Toxin Rid on any level. Many THC detox pills out there are designed for slightly accelerating an ongoing natural healthy detox rather than drug detoxification.

In addition to avoiding all of these poor quality products (and I wouldn't really touch anything which I haven't talked about using in this guide), don't get desperate and grab something locally near you.

They only sell cheap products at the highest prices. You won't get Rescue Cleanse, you won't get Sub Solution, and you won't get Toxin Rid pills.

Online, avoid anything sold on sites like Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, eBay, and Amazon. Focus on specialist sites like Test Clear and Test Negative for THC detox kits and same day cleansers.

While going through the detox process, it's essential to consider the potential THC withdrawal symptoms and be prepared to manage them. It's also crucial to be aware of how long THC stays in your system to better plan for any upcoming drug tests.

When preparing for a blood test, remember that the detection window is different from that of urine tests. Make sure to choose the appropriate testing kits for your specific needs.

Finally, always remember to stay away from unwanted drug toxins and harmful chemicals during the detox process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Best THC Detox Options: How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast (4)

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Do Not Waste Your Time Investigating Home Remedies

If you're looking for a way to get weed out of your system, you will come across people telling you that cheap home remedies will work just as good as professional products.

Please don't believe them, because it is a total lie. They are either saying it out of ignorance, or parroting what they have read elsewhere, or it's been said on a website where they are trying to get keyword clicks.

The truth is not one single home remedy works. These are the main ones you will come across:

1. The Certo/Sure Jell detox method is the main one you will read about for weed. It doesn't work. The principle is that it flushes out your body, and the fruit pectin as a fiber draws more cannabis to the bowel. But it leaves you horribly diluted and doesn't mask the toxins well.

2. Ignore anything that talks about tea. Green tea, Palo Azul, Apple cider vinegar all of it. I bet over the years every single type of tea including Earl Grey has been talked about as a miracle potion for drug toxin removal.

3. Cranberry juice is great for cystitis, but it's rubbish for getting rid of drugs. That's the same for any acidic juice claims.

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Where To Buy The Best THC Detox Products

I've touched on many aspects of getting weed out your system fast, and telling you how to put together drug test detox kits for your needs.

For most people, the best way to detox your body in 24 hours is going to be a short course of Toxin Rid, followed by masking the rest of the toxins on the day of your test.

Alternatively, if it's an unsupervised test, then the best strategy is to ignore detoxification completely and just use Sub Solution or Quick Luck.

This is where you can buy the high-quality detoxification products I've talked about:

  • Quick Luck, Sub Solution, Rescue Cleanse and Oral Clear gum are available through the Clear Choice website at Test Negative.

Whichever site you use, and make sure that if you are detoxifying, you also buy some cannabis home drug test kits so that you can monitor your progress just before you leave to submit your sample.

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast: Top Six FAQs

Let's finish up on this discussion around the best THC detox kits and methods by answering the top six FAQs on the topic I get asked.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

It's really tough to tell you how long weed stays in your system. If you smoke weed a couple of times per week and are in perfect health, with a great diet and exercise, then it could just be a couple of days.

However, if you're a chronic daily weed smoker in poor health and overweight, it could be three months. It could also be anywhere in between.

My recommendation is always to say if you smoke more than two or three times a week, and you've smoked in the past seven days, then you'll probably fail a drug test.

How To Do A 24 Hour Detox?

It's pretty tough to do a 24 hour detox, because very rarely will you get actually clean. The only thing you can do is a combo detox.

You'll abstain and accelerate the detox using Toxin Rid pills in the 24 hours. This will remove toxins from your body on the day of your test.

Then, use Rescue Cleanse detox drink to mask the rest of the toxins for a few hours, during which time you'll be able to submit a clean sample.

How To Detox After Smoking?

There are several ways to detox after smoking. Naturally, which can take an unknown amount of time depending on how often you smoke. You can accelerate a natural detox with Toxin Rid pills.

Again, how long it takes to get clean will depend on how often you smoke. You can mask the toxins with a detox drink like Rescue Cleanse. This will mask them for two or three hours if you are a regular smoker, and slightly longer if you are not.

You can also use it in combination with Toxin Rid pills to do a detox and then mask the remaining toxins. If it's an unsupervised test, then the best strategy is to forget detoxification altogether.

Use Quick Luck synthetic urine or a powdered urine kit to submit a completely clean sample which will pass modern drug testing validity checks.

Does Green Tea Flush Out Toxins?

No, green tea does not flush out toxins. No home remedies work. Please don't get sidetracked by people telling you that stuff like bleach, Certo fruit pectin, cranberry juice, or liquid laundry detergent works. It's all nonsense.

The only things that work are professional-grade detox drinks and pills like Rescue Cleanse and Toxin Rid.

What Is The Best Way To Pass A Drug Test?

If it's unsupervised, the best way to pass a urine drug test is using Sub Solution synthetic urine.

If it's a supervised test, use Toxin Rid pills and then mask the rest of the toxins on the day of your test using Rescue Cleanse detox drink.

If you're facing an oral drug test, then Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum is the best way to pass a drug test at short notice.

What Is The Best Drink To Flush Your System?

The best detox drink to flush your system is Rescue Cleanse. Highly complex, it will give you a clear zone that is toxin-free, with balanced urine, for up to 5 hours.

If you're a regular smoker, though, it could be as low as two or three hours, but that's still plenty of time to get to the venue and submit a clean sample.

During the detox process, be aware of factors like body weight, blood pressure, and toxin levels that can influence the effectiveness of the detox.

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