Reviews for our campsite availability app | Campnab (2023)

“I’ll definitely use them again if I can’t Nab a site on my own.”

I managed to book a campsite at my favourite Ontario Provincial Park, but I only had it for a week and was unable to extend my stay. A friend contacted me to say she had a site that she had to give up. Would I be interested? I said no as there were 3 days between when our initial booking ended and her site became available.

I has heard of Camp Nab and I have to admit I was sceptical but I decided to give it a try. I was impressed with how easy it was to use. You are able to specify specific parks, dates and even specific sites.

I set up a scan. I got a couple of notifications for random sites which I wasn’t interested in. I often wake up and read at night. The other night I found a message from Camp Nab. A prime waterfront site in my favourite campground was available for the dates specified. I was directly linked to the Park reservation site from the message. Luckily it was the middle of the night as my computer froze when I went to pay. Logging back in it showed there were no sites available in the entire park. I waited 10 minutes, tried again and got my site. And was able to extend my camping trip.

Camp Nab was so easy to use and offers lots of help and feedback.

I’ll definitely use them again if I can’t Nab a site on my own.

Maris Lubbock

“Great service.”

Great service. Easy. Efficient. Effective.

Laura Kimbro

“It works as advertised.”

It works as advertised. After a couple weeks of my search running an available campsite popped up, I got a text (and email), and I went to the reservation site for my campground and got the booking. All within about 5 minutes. And now we have a camping weekend planned. Thanks Campnab.

Steve Bond

“Worth it!”

Worth it! I found a campsite within one month using this service.

Kelly Jones

“Thanks so much!”

Getting a spot in Death Valley with any hookups, let alone full hookups, is almost impossible. We were able to get 5 days, thanks to Camp Nab. Thanks so much!


“…it really saved our vacation plans.”

Friends told us about this software and service and it really saved our vacation plans. Easy to use and takes to work out of constantly looking for cancellations

Robert Cranmer

“Simple to use!”

Campnab is an amazing website! My husband co-worker suggested we use it after we were unable to get a campsite at Yosemite. After two weeks i got an alert and was able to get a week at Yosemite and then later at Zion after giving up all hope. What a great website! Simple to use!

Kat Spradling

“I will definitely use it again next year.”

I used Campnab successfully to nab several hard-to-get campsites in Montana State parks and Glacier national park. I will definitely use it again next year.

Douglas Sackett

“So happy with their service!”

Excellent way to snatch a perfect campsite. Even when a campsite is fully booked I have scored a prime campsite using Campnab. So happy with their service!

Tara Horgen

“Thank you Éric and Eric”

We were lucky to find Campnab. We couldn't get Any réservations at few States Park. As you enter the ones you wish to go with the dates, every 5 minutes ,Campnab scan and right away when there's a cancellation you receive a texto that lead you yo the Park.
We could book 2 months like that.
Thank you Éric and Eric

Christiane Costea

“Campnab is a game changer.”

What a fantastic service! Living in Southern California, I gave up on trying to camp at our beautiful state beaches. Campnab is a game changer. On top of that, Eric got back to me within minutes regarding a couple questions I had.

Jim Tanis

“…secured me a site within my first month membership!”

I highly recommend Campnab if you are trying to get a campsite in a "hard to get" campground. They are on top of it and secured me a site within my first month membership!

Melissa Berner-Clarke

“Brilliant, reliable and FAST!”

Brilliant, reliable and FAST! I’m going to spend a night at the Arches National park thanks to Campnab

Lucas Goncalves

“I highly recommend it.”

Campnab was an excellent help in getting hard to win campsites at premier national parks! It was easy to navigate and gave me options. I highly recommend it.

Cathy Bonnett

“Great app!”

Great app!

Shane Hopkins

“Big thumbs up.”

This is a great service. I hesitate to recommend it because I don't want the secret to get out, but even as it gained in popularity it was very successful at getting me hard-to-get campsites. It is a great and simple interface, intuitive, and best of all just works - all at an extremely reasonable fee. Big thumbs up.

Luke McFarland

“Great service…”

Great service with a useful website to help me to get a group campsite.

Xu Hou

“I found Campnab to be incredibly helpful…”

I found Campnab to be incredibly helpful when looking for sites. The customer service is great. It’s a small outfit and the service feels really personal. I highly recommend.

Catherine Flanagan

“It was well worth the expense…”

We used Campnab to fill in our winter trip to Florida. We were able to get two reservations at very good state parks due to cancellations. It was well worth the expense and I recommend this service especially if you are looking for Florida State park camgrounds.

Leonard Murphy

“I booked sites at all the parks I wanted to go to…”

This service is amazing!! It’s always been a challenge to get a site at any of the more popular Provincial Parks, but since the pandemic started, it’s been nearly impossible. You know the drill…wake up at the crack of dawn 5 months before you want to camp, stare at the screen with finger hovering over the “reserve” button, click it right at 7:00am and…ALREADY RESERVED! Ahhh! Onto the next site on my list and one by one they are already taken. Rinse and repeat the next day, and the next, only to fail in securing a site at that park for any day or weekend remotely close to when you wanted to go. Then I heard about Campnab, and last summer, I booked sites at all the parks I wanted to go to, even booking a month before going. If you love camping and are frustrated with trying to book sites, definitely give this a try!

Noelle Pavlovic

“…we had a blast!”

I rented a van with my family last minute for Thanksgiving break and had no campsites lined up. Campnab was awesome at helping get some spots along our journey that gave me peace of mind in knowing where we were staying. At the last minute I decided to head up north and nabbed some spots at Morro Bay, we had a blast!

Danet Whiting

“Worked perfectly!”

Worked perfectly!

Spencer Rex

“Will definitely be using again.”

We thought there would be no way we could get our dream site in Grand Teton National Park for the timeframe we needed but we were alerted within days that it was available. Booked! Will definitely be using again. Told Eric they should charge more for this amazing service!

Lauren Makowski Little

“…it was great to find their service and feel more freedom…”

I love Campnab! I had hacked together something myself, but it was great to find their service and feel more freedom to go camping without planning it 12 months in advance!

Bethany Hanson

“I’m looking forward to summer!!!!!”

This is our second season with Camp Nab, last year we were super pleased with the results. Just resigned up last week to try and get a particular park on the books. With it being only January and camping season coming up, it feels really great to have confirmed a highly sought after campground for June, as the booking window is just opening up and sites are already booked up!!! THANK YOU CAMP NAB!! Woke up, got a text about an opening, grabbed it immediately, with an extra night and voila, I’m looking forward to summer!!!!! CampNab you rock!

Alisa Owens

“Highly recommend”

Phenomenal website. Highly recommend

Jason Tabas

“It’s totally worth the small price you pay!”

Camp nab is a must-have these days when campgrounds seem to fill up really quickly. It’s especially helpful if you have specific dates or campgrounds that you want. We just scored a great site at Big Bend for a very busy time of year, and we are super thankful! Camp nab also helped our friends get amazing beach campsites in Cali at the last minute. It’s totally worth the small price you pay!

Andrea Cermanski

“…we will be using Campnab for our future adventures!”

We used Campnab to nab 3 campsites, prime season, last minute, in Yosemite. It was so easy and so worth it! Customer service is excellent and we will be using Campnab for our future adventures!

Chris Perillo

“I’m so grateful for your wonderful service!”

Thanks Campnab! I got space in a very busy campground in the Smokey Mountains. I’m so grateful for your wonderful service!

Paula Dmyterko

“…was able to secure a reservation.”

I discovered that the text messages letting me know that campsites are available started coming in to my phone just after midnight. Took me a day or so to figure out that the sites are most likely released at that time. So, the first day I checked, it was after 9 am and my preferred site was already reserved. But today, I checked early at 5 am and found several sites available and was able to secure a reservation.

Thank you campnab!

Max G Corder

“It truly helped navigate our travels…”

We loved using Campnab and it helped get our route filled in. It truly helped navigate our travels and was a safe haven🙌🏻 Thank you!

Kim Budreau

“I’m a huge fan!!”

Campnab saved my bacon. Made it possible to get a campsite for a group of people when I thought it was impossible. I had tried every other possible way to reserve a site. I’m a huge fan!!

Doug Moon

“This service works great!”

This service works great! Wisconsin State Parks fill up fast and I e used this a number of times to snag sites before others. Customer service is fast and super friendly!

Stephanie Solverud

“Totally worth it!”

We used Campnab to find coveted camp spots over a holiday weekend and it worked! Highly recommend getting this app. Totally worth it!

Marybeth Moser

“Love this program!”

Love this program! Got THE BEST campsite in several parks all thanks to their notifications!

Hannah Wansing

“Great service!!”

Great service!!

Michael Crowe

“…a must have.”

Amazing app! Totally changed the Camping Reservation game for me. I was able to book amazing campsites that were previously booked, without having to check on it every day. If you are a camper, this is a must have.

Roberta Pio

“Great service!”

Great service! I was able to get the campsite reservations I wanted finally!!

Jennifer Wesela

“Campnab is very helpful.”

Campnab is very helpful. I found many great camp sites this summer through this app. Highly recommended.

Tammy Wang

“I would definitely recommend it!”

Worked like a charm! It was worth the subscription to get a rare camping spot during my week traveling. I would definitely recommend it!

Brianna Patricia

“…it got me a site at each campsite every weekend that I wanted it to.”

I used this in all of the Califorina National Parks. I am not exaggerating when I say it got me a site at each campsite every weekend that I wanted it to.

Emily Rose Waring

“Great service !”

Great service !

Tara Cibelli

“We were able to stay in some of the most popular campgrounds last summer…”

Love love love this website. We were able to stay in some of the most popular campgrounds last summer in Olympic National Park thanks to campnab. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Farley

“Highly recommend if you rv camp…”

Campnab is such an awesome service. We have had success finding an rv spot every time we have submitted a search! Highly recommend if you rv camp in popular campgrounds.

Ruthie Beugg

“Campnab is an amazing service.”

Campnab is an amazing service. We used them in a four-month RV trip through Colorado, California and Texas. We were able to book parks that were totally full on weekends and Campnab got us sites for our dates at every one we tried. We'll worth the subscription price! 👏👏👏

Denis LeBlanc

“Campnab has worked for us…”

Campnab has worked for us to find sites between Ca and Co.
Feels a bit like cheating, to be able to find campsites where and when we want.

Wayne Behrens

“Because of Campnab, I have been able to take numerous trips…”

Love love love this service!

Because of Campnab, I have been able to take numerous trips and see things that have been booked full for a long time.

Ever thankful for the people that responsibly cancel their reservations shortly prior to the booking date.

Would recommend to anyone who is frustrated trying to find a campsite and is flexible with accommodations.

Dustin Diesing

“I love the map!”

I love the map! It helps so much to see what’s available in a particular area. Searching via Reserve America isn’t as useful.

Anissa S.

“Would recommend!”

I really enjoy using Campnab! It's good when you need a last minute spot, and the ability to scan multiple campgrounds is great. It came in particularly useful when I had to reschedule a camping trip last minute due to wildfire smoke. Would recommend!

Shelby Wayment

“If you want to plan a camping vacation, Campnab is a must!”

Campnab has been an amazing tool for me. It used to be that reservation-only campsites would fill up six months in advance and my only hope in getting a site was to go up early and hope that either a first-come-first-serve site was open, or someone was leaving that morning. With Campnab, I just find the campground that I'm interested in, input the days that we'd like to go, and just start a search request. My kids had bike races in Frisco, and every time I wanted to find a site nearby on those dates, we were successful. If you want to plan a camping vacation, Campnab is a must!

Charlie Danaher

“Legit service.”

Legit service. Helped me get a site in a popular spot on a holiday weekend.

Brandon Rodriguez

“…we always know we have CampNab to help us out!”

This service is crucial to our camping endeavors! We use it all the time and we always get a campsite in the campground we want. Even in the hardest places to book! We pay a little extra for the more frequent service and it’s totally worth it. We often have several searches going at a time and it’s a no fail attempt each try. Bottom line: we don’t worry when we see a campground booked for the dates we want because we always know we have CampNab to help us out!

Miriam Oh Painter

“Thank you for all the help!”

YOU ARE MY HEROES!! You helped us pull off the impossible (and saved our vacation)... passes to enter Yosemite. AND reservations at Bass Lake campground, not far from the park. We are essential workers; my husband is a family practitioner and I am his nurse. We did not once close the office due to Covid... our patients needed us too much. Thus, we had to cancel our planned vacation in April. We finally found a way to manage a few days off in September. We never thought how impossible it would be to find a spot, with only three weeks advance notice. We were about to give up on the vacation idea, and just as we decided to do it, I got a CampNab alert; we scored he passes and the campsite. Thank you for all the help!

Dayna G,

“Great resource for catching camp cancellations at popular spots!”

Great resource for catching camp cancellations at popular spots! They send you text notifications when something opens up, so I suggest setting their notifications to a high priority with a special tone so it catches your attention and you can act quickly.

Christian Ramirez

“Had I not set up the alert I would never have known.”

I've had a great experience with this service - I wanted a last minute oceanside spot at Porteau Cove Provincial Park but everything was booked up. The same day after setting up my alert I got a text letting me know one was available. I booked it straight away and had a great stay. Had I not set up the alert I would never have known.

Rosie Barker

“…it’s made the camping season so much more fun.”

We’ve snagged our best spots with campnab and it’s made the camping season so much more fun. (No more picking and planning in January for summer travel)!

Melissa Williams

“…a big time saver!”

My husband has used Campnab twice now to find preferred campsites at popular campgrounds at peak times. The ability to focus scans on specific campsites is very helpful. And not having to go into campground reservation sites repeatedly and often, with the hope of lucking out finding an opening very soon after a cancellation, is a big time saver!

Julia Minasian

“Has saved me on multiple trips.”

Amazing service, would highly recommend using. Has saved me on multiple trips.

Daniel Munro

“How cool is that!!”

Awesome software and fantastic customer service. I manually checked for a spot at Chatfield State park in Colorado but they were full. I set up a CampNab scan and two days later got a text message on my phone and was able to reserve a spot. How cool is that!! Saved us the cost of a hotel room - well worth the $10.

Keith Battles

“Almost always end up getting into the park I want…”

Fantastic service saves you from camping out at your laptop to try and grab a reso at 7am 2 months before. Almost always end up getting into the park I want when I want.

Andrea Mundie

“Simply easier than doing the search myself.”

Through Campnab, I was able to get spots in Yosemite Valley. This is typically almost impossible, unless you have nothing but time to sit at your computer. Even then, it's a rare accomplishment. With Campnab's notification, all I needed to do was wait to receive their notification of availability, jump on my computer, and grab the site. I will use this service any time I wish to go camping. Simply easier than doing the search myself.

Brian B.

“It worked well for BC parks.”

Managed to score some great sites with Campnab. It worked well for BC parks.

James Howard

“Simple to use, fairly priced, and worked perfectly.”

I got exactly the campground I wanted at exactly the time I needed thanks to Campnab. Simple to use, fairly priced, and worked perfectly.

Shannon Loewen

“Wonderful service!”

Wonderful service! We struggled for a year trying to find campsites before finding Campnab, and this summer it was effortless. Without fail they found campsites that had been fully reserved for months, and found them at the last minute.

Tim Dold

“These guys are dedicated to making sure your camping adventure is fulfilled!”

This website is fantastic! We were able to see what was available at campsites that were hard to get a reservation. These guys are dedicated to making sure your camping adventure is fulfilled! Easy to sign up and easy to navigate and use.

Darla Bristol

“Highly recommend for sure!!”

Great app to find sold out camping sites. Even in CO where it’s near to impossible to get sites without booking way ahead we scored camping sites at great spots nearly every time we tried. Highly recommend for sure!!

Alisa Owens

“Very useful and easy.”

Campnab is a great tool for finding sites when everything is booked up. There are almost always cancelations and we've used Campnab a number of times to locate a last minute site or find an extra site. Very useful and easy.

Rob Arnold

“We clocked in 10+ nights…”

Such an awesome way to get campsites during the busy season. We clocked in 10+ nights of camping last summer thanks to these guys!

Alix Mains

“This service works far better than I had expected!”

I've been booking camping reservations with Ontario Parks for the last 5 years and just like many of you have experienced in recent years its not the easiest task securing a spot. This year I decided to give campnab a go for some of the end of the season trips I intended to go on. This service works far better than I had expected! If you're going for a specific site it will be a little more challenging but if you're willing to take any site your more than likely bound to secure one with Campnab. The site is super easy to use and navigate and really simple setting up scans for campgrounds. The text to your phone is a great feature to keep you up to date. I mostly camp within the summer -fall months so the monthly subscription worked great for me. I will be looking to subscribe again come spring. Overall this is a great solution to a growing issue ignored by Ontario Parks.

Josh Spurling

“You won't be disappointed.”

his is a true 5 start product. It's rare to come across something that works so simply and executes so well. If you're on the fence about paying for it, just do it! You won't be disappointed. But please don't nab my next camp spot before I do! haha

Craig Belgard

“Will use this service again!”

Just started camping this year and found CampNab to be extremely helpful to find last minute cancellations. Will use this service again!

Duran Crain

“…wonderful results.”

We used campnab with wonderful results. I’d highly recommend it to help you get into “full” campsites.

George Beebe

“…it feels like my best kept secret.”

Excellent program if you are having a hard time getting the site you want. Easy to use. Brilliant idea really and I’m nervous to share it as it feels like my best kept secret.

Tony Thomson

“Got me a site…”

Great site, easy to use. Got me a site in the Okanagan in June.

Ken Griffin

“Thrilled to have found this service.”

Thrilled to have found this service. I was able to secure the two (previously booked) campsites for the exact dates I wanted within a few weeks of joining. Customer service is excellent too!

Katie Hannah Gavzy

“Very clean and intuitive website…”

This is an amazing service that works just as advertised! Very clean and intuitive website full of information. This service helped us “nab” sites in both Zion and Capitol Reef when the websites were showing full. Highly recommend!

Ryan Kyzar

“I almost always get a Campground that I am looking for…”

I love campnab so much, I'm almost afraid to share it with other people! but I do. I almost always get a Campground that I am looking for and their customer service is really excellent!

Steven Williams

“…I'd like to keep it to myself!”

Campnab can really help find places to camp in national and state parks if you aren't the type who plans months in advance. I am of two minds in providing this review -- it's such a great service I'd like to keep it to myself! It was an enormous help on recent camping trips.

Eddie Dekel

“…it was super simple to use.”

When we failed to book our campsites on time for our 2 week honeymoon, Campnab was a lifesaver! I was able to grab exactly what we needed, when we needed it via text messages when sites became available and it was super simple to use. The folks are very responsive with any questions. Highly recommend!!

Audrey Holst

“Easy to use…”

Easy to use and gives a competitive edge when booking popular campgrounds.

Jill Gasperini

“FANTASTIC service!”

FANTASTIC service! My family has used Campnab several times with great success at getting great camp sites after the campgrounds were sold out. Even worked for July 4th weekend!


“Very easy to use and good value.”

Worked great and I appreciate the super simple and hassle-free cancellation process at end of season. Helped me book sites on short notice at a very popular campground over the summer. Very easy to use and good value.

Anne Guillo

“A must have app.”

A must have app. I admit I was skeptical at first after after another camper told me about it. However after having used it for a year or so it is my go to for securing hard to get reservations. Used it for our upcoming 6 month adventure and got in everyplace we were running a search with the dates we wanted. Thanks so much for building this easy to use platform.

Steve Green

“worth every $”

Great service worth every $

Norbert Klinger

“Campnab is the best.”

Shhh…best way to get the campsite that you want. Campnab is the best. 💕

Erin Smith

“This is a great tool for traveling!”

This is a great tool for traveling! I just set up a search and know when an opening is coming up so i can try to get it. I van travel most of the year and use CampNab to help me find space in some of the always-booked campgrounds. There are several different subscription options that make it affordable for whatever level you are using.

Carol Livingston

“Easy to use and it works!!”

So happy to have found out about Campnab. Got the campsites I was hoping for after missing out when bookings opened up. Easy to use and it works!!

Jennifer Closs

“Thanks again Campnab!”

First time user and LOVED it! I wasn't sure what to expect when I set up my first few searches, every campground was full...and then the notification started coming. We were able to 'nab' :) a campsite we had been wanting to try. Thanks again Campnab!

Scott Heerema

“Helped us land a waterfront campsite…”

Wow, very cool! Helped us land a waterfront campsite which was otherwise unattainable. Highly recommend. Go Erics!

Matt Cassarino

“…very smooth and convenient.”

Love this service - very smooth and convenient. I was able to get multiple otherwise seemingly unavailable reservations in Yosemite this year using the service. Highly recommend.

Mike Dickinson

“Service was very easy to set up and use.”

Service was very easy to set up and use. I set up a few searches and the service texted me when a site on my search list was available.

Daniel Chow

“Very ease to use…”

As new campers coming onto the scene mid season this website/service was amazing for having a hope of getting out to a few parks for our first summer. Very ease to use, loved how specific you could get in setting up your searches and was nice to be able to walk away from the computer and not agonize over waiting on catching a cancellation! Nabbed a wonderful waterfront site at Presquile for our maiden voyage. Thanks for creating this! While our season is done (for us) this year we’ll be back next season for sure! (Ontario, Canada)"

Beth Ratz

“Very friendly folks…”

Fantastic service for procrastinators like me. It helped me find multiple campsites this past season. Very friendly folks if you need assistance too.

Jay Daniel

“Through Campnab I was able to get campsites…”

Campnab is a quick, easy, and efficient way to nab a campsite, if, like me you don't always know what/when/where you want to go camping 6 months ahead of time. Through Campnab I was able to get campsites this year at Hendy Woods and D. L. Bliss (Lake Tahoe), both popular California state campgrounds. I've also nabbed campsites at the last minute in California national forests.

Julene Bair

“…they have always come through.”

Highly recommend campnab soo worth it. Was able to scoop up cultus lake for sept long 2 years in a row without getting up at 3 am to sit on a website. Been with them for 3 years now and they have always come through.😊👍

Debbie Pearson

“…I was able to quickly book the site.”

CampNab has been an amazing way to get campsites at sold out parks. Whenever I got a notice from them that a cancelled campsite had become available, I was able to quickly book the site. Even at busy parks like Yosemite, Campnab found me multiple campsites for my preferred dates. I also appreciate that they let you continue your membership on a monthly basis without a fixed annual commitment.

Barbara Blew

“It’s a “must-have” for peace-of-mind camping!”

Thank-you for creating such an amazing app. Highly recommend this for navigating around the challenging provincial campground reservation system. We were able to upgrade to better sites throughout the summer and snap up last minute spots. Have recommended it to many others! It’s a “must-have” for peace-of-mind camping!

Jennifer Knibbs

“Thank God For Campnab”

I give them a 5 S'more rating because, Campnab is an Invaluable tool for planning (camping) trips and securing a campsite. These days, even when you plan waaayyy in advance, you may not get a site where you are hoping-->vacation plan dashed. Campnab has SAVED me numerous times in the past 2 years by texting me an alert when a spot opens up (cuz how else would you know?) when someone cancels. And it happens ALL THE TIME! I hate to share this secret but it's more than just campgrounds- stuff on is here so that means reservations for timed entry at some of the NP's and into the Washington Monument to list 2 examples where, again Campnab saved me. It is uper easy to sign up/login (hooray, no password to remember, but still secure) and modify your settings and searches (I add & change all the time) . I've personally communicated with the creators/developers who seem truly interested in feedback and making this service the best possible experience. Like I said, TGFC (Thank God For Campnab)

Amanda E.

“Great service.”

Great service. I almost don't want to tell too many people, because it helped me get every one of the campsites I wanted including one over Labor Day!

Mitch Gerbus

“Great service!!”

Great service!!

Rick Wells

“Highly recommend! =)”

This app, is amazing! There are a lot more sites freeing up than you might think. =) I was able to nab a few sites at Cherry Creek that suddenly freed up, and that location is super packed! Highly recommend! =)


“Totally worth the money.”

Great service! It helped me to find some really cool camp sites in Northern California. Totally worth the money.

Ilya Shmidt


Awesome product with a super friendly team behind it. The product has saved us more than a few times on those last-minute getaway trips. A++

Ben Moore

“Fantastic service…”

Fantastic service that makes last minute camping in Colorado a possibility again.

Maura Saunders

“So grateful to have a reserved site…”

Love this App! Got a site at a very desirable campground about a week and a half before travel during a holiday weekend too! So grateful to have a reserved site and not be running around trying to find one last minute!!

Heather Jensen

“I love this app!!!!!”

I love this app!!!!! I live in the PNW and have used it the last two camping seasons to score many awesome last minute spots in our amazing WA state parks as well as the big nationals here (Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic).

Joy Greene

“I was able to find premium camping in the Tahoe area…”

This is a wonderful service for any camper especially during high season. I was able to find premium camping in the Tahoe area using this service and it was easy! Eric and his team are also very helpful.

Jennifer Freeman

“I’m going to use this every year for sure.”

I got so many camping options for my search criteria that I almost thought it couldn’t be real. But it was great! People cancel their reservations all the time and this service is perfect to snap them up! I’m going to use this every year for sure.

Christine M. Penn

“Highly recommend you try it out at least one time”

A great web site that will Nab you a campsite without the hassle of checking and rechecking availability on State and National parks websites.
Highly recommend you try it out at least one time

Otis Jackson

“…got into 3 out of the 4 that I was hoping to camp at!!”

Love Campnab!! There was many times this summer that I wasn't able to get into the park I wanted. I was able to set up an alert for those parks and got into 3 out of the 4 that I was hoping to camp at!!
It also made it super easy! I received a text letting me know what park (and sites) were available so I could log in right away and book my site. I did the most basic of memberships, next year I will likely even upgrade to get the most out of my membership!

Cheryl Benstead

“Can’t recommend enough!!”

Great service! Has allowed us to get into some amazing campsites that we wouldn’t have had any opportunity to get into otherwise. And it helps the campgrounds (and campers) too - as it helps fill last minute cancellations that would otherwise be vacancies. Can’t recommend enough!!


“Worked great”

Worked great - was notified of multiple campsite availabilities in crowded California SP campgrounds.

Prateek Jain

“We used Campnab for Yellowstone National Park…”

Very useful in finding campsites in hard to get in campgrounds. We used Campnab for Yellowstone National Park, Teton National Park and Henderson Beach, and several other campgrounds in Florida. Very reasonable fee to use Campnab for the service you get.

Lynn Ohl

“…easy to use and so convenient…”

This service is amazing - easy to use and so convenient to get into State Parks - the customer service is the best I have seen for a long long time!!

Sharon McKee

“amazing way to get excellent camp sites…”

amazing way to get excellent camp sites at the last minute and great customer service.

Kate Keenan

“…affordable way to find hard to get camp sites at popular parks.”

Campnab - simple, easy to use, efficient, affordable way to find hard to get camp sites at popular parks. Follow their advice and you will have success! Highly recommend.

Melissa Kaminsky

“Made our summer awesome.”

The best App on the face of the planet. So easy to use and so effective. Made our summer awesome. Thank you!!

Ania Helman Cholewa

“We almost would like to keep it a secret.”

Invaluable service if you’re looking for camping spots. We sold our camper so won’t be using it for a while. When we buy a new one we will sign back up for sure. We almost would like to keep it a secret. Also, was very easy to cancel which I really appreciate. No hoops to jump through. Great customer service and you can choose the plan that fits your needs best.

Kristen Oliver

“I wish all web apps were this easy!”

Scored me a ton of campsites this Summer during the busy season in CA and OR. The app is amazingly simple to use, super fair and transparent pricing. I wish all web apps were this easy!

Nicholas Roubal

“The software is intuitive to use…”

For us - Campnab did exactly what it advertises to do when we secured a spot at the insanely difficult location - Many Glacier campground. The software is intuitive to use and its text message update for an opening is handy to act-on quickly to reserve a spot.

Louis Bink

“We got the places we wanted last minute…”

We got the places we wanted last minute for parks that were sold out and it was wasy - helped make our US holiday just that much better...


“…it has been a godsend in several situations.”

I signed up for Campnab this past summer, and it has been a godsend in several situations. In a world of camping reservations (and I wish today's climate wasn't that way, it was more enjoyable IMO when camping was first-come, first-served) you need all the help you can get, and Campnab provides that assistance. They offer several monthly/yearly plans....I signed up for the basic $10/month plan, which met my needs easily. My wife and I were camping on the west coast of the U.S. in August, and sites, federal and state, are always hard to come by. Campnab helped us secure sites in some impossible-to-get places. We stayed everywhere we wanted to..and it was because of Campnab's notifications letting us know that sites were available at our desired locations. Campnab is the key to getting where you want to be, when you want to be there. The creators of the site, Eric and Eric, are extremely helpful if needed and they both make the user experience smooth and seamless. Highly recommend Campnab if you, like me, are sick and tired of dealing with sold-out reserved campgrounds. It makes a HUGE difference. Five stars+

Vince Kash

“Will use them every year!”

Love campnab! We have had such a great experience with them. Took all the stress of booking campsites off our shoulders. Will use them every year!

Sandra Barclay

“I had a wonderful and seamless experience…”

Rad idea! I had a wonderful and seamless experience signing up, using the platform, and booking at a sold out campground in California after learning about a new opening through Campnab!

Kim C.

“Brilliant app.”

I hesitate to review CampNab cuz then y’all will get onboard and take my camping spots!! Lol anyhow, super clean straightforward interface, never glitchy for me, got me a handful of hard-to-get bookings for campsites I thought I’d never be able to stay at like Porteau Cove outside of Vancouver. Brilliant app.

Olive Alexander

“Make sure you act fast!”

I have used Camp Nab for two years now and I have been so impressed at our results, getting campsite where we thought we couldn’t get one. The two Erics are quite responsive when you have a question. They reply usually fast and with good information. My daughter just signed up and she is hooked, getting a great campsite just this weekend. Make sure you act fast!

(Video) How to Create Campsite Availability Alerts

Libby Edwards

“I'd highly recommend Campnab…”

I'd highly recommend Campnab to recreational vehicle enthusiasts who are looking to make reservations but are finding many RV Parks are currently booked. With Campnab, you can identify RV Parks that you'd like to stay at, provide the dates, and as soon as openings occur, Campnab will contact you, giving you an opportunity to book asap! It's that easy! Thanks Campnab!

Saundra Meeder

“I will be a loyal customer going forward!”

It was really easy to set things up and get text notifications. I got more notifications than I thought there would be, and after waiting for the perfect dates I was able to grab a great spot in a campground that was sold out for the summer. The staff got back to me super quick with any inquiries I had. I will be a loyal customer going forward!

Sophia Cuthbert

“Would've been impossible with Campnab.”

Campnab worked for us. We managed to reserve several nights of camping in the Florida Keys next winter. Would've been impossible with Campnab.

Steve Woloschin

“I'm the envy of my peers.”

I love this app. I swear every time I need a camp site at one of my favorite campgrounds, I use it. Only once, did I not get the site I wanted The rest of the time, I get exactly the site I specified. I'm the envy of my peers. They too could get their perfect site, if they would just use CampNab. Thank you, thank you for coming up with this great app. What did I use to do before I joined CampNap?

Jan Weir

“Thank you Campnab!”

Campnab is great! We were able to get a site at Fallen Leaf Campground in South Lake Tahoe and Nevada Beach. So much easier than checking several times a day. Thank you Campnab!

Kathy Kolodge

“Excellent tool.”

Excellent tool. Appreciate the flexibility in service plans

Viktoriya Oliynyk

“I was also sent super hard to get reservation opportunities…”

great service. Helped me "nab" a hard to get reservation at doheny beach in Dana Point. I was also sent super hard to get reservation opportunities at San Elijo state park and crystal cove. Highly recommend it.

Charlie Ussery

“…easy to use!!”

Quick and easy to use!!

E. Goddard

“…did not disappoint!”

This app did not disappoint! Colorado in the fall can be very challenging for reservations over the weekend. I signed up on Monday the 29th of August and have received 14 open spots between 3 campgrounds that I selected in/near Dillon, CO. I was able to get the campground that was #1 on my list!

Ben Hamilton

“We found some camping spots that we wouldn't have been able to get otherwise.”

This site does what they say they will do! They scan the campground that you ask them to scan (for the dates you request) and then they notify you when a site becomes available. We found some camping spots that we wouldn't have been able to get otherwise.

Lorell Miller

“Every year I depend on Campnab…”

I use Campnab all summer to secure great locations last minute! Every year I depend on Campnab to find me a campsite for long weekends. Highly recommend. Wish they were in AB.

Mat R.

“This website is a must use…”

This website is a must use - We’ve had some of the best weekends thanks to the sites we’ve “nabbed”. Thanks Eric!!

Becky Spencer


Excellent. Was able to provide advance notice of a vacancy, so getting set up to snag it was possible.

Bob Knight

“Will 100% use again”

Fantastic service. Could not have had the national park holiday I did without it. Will 100% use again

Paul Brandenburg

“If you camp, this is a must have service!”

Honestly, Campnab is the most awesome app. It literally saved our trip to Glacier NP. We even were able to extend our stay by three nights because we got an amazing spot. I also used it to get a spot up at Lake Superior in Minnesota. I cannot say enough good things about it. If you camp, this is a must have service! It can be so hard to get a camping spot anymore, but it was a breeze with Campnab. 100% recommend!

Alexis Tucker Sade

“Was a true lifesaver…”

I LOVE campnab and have recommended it to many friends. Was a true lifesaver on our trip! The service is very easy to use and 9 out of 10 times we were able to get a great camping spot very last minute. highly recommend!

Cody Schreger-Maher

“Couldn’t be easier !”

We used Campnab to get a site at Anatasia State Park in November ! The campground was completely booked up when we checked availability. Joined Campnab, put in our dates and today we got a text about an open site ! Couldn’t be easier ! We will definitely use them again in the future. Thanks Campnab !

Sally Baker

“Campnab is the best.”

Campnab is the best. I almost don’t want to leave a review because it feels like my special secret to finding campsites. So you can read this review, but do me a favor and don’t tell your friends.

Paul Voge

“The service is well run…”

Campnab is a reliable source for securing sites at hard to book camp destinations. I have used the service on several occasions and it has helped me get in to locations that I had previously been booked out of. The service is well run, easy to use and provides reliable results!

Emily Johnson

“From now on i'll be using you all when i'm planning camping trips.”

My wife and i just got back from an amazing trip to Glacier National Park where we stayed in campgrounds in the park the whole time. And it was because of YOU that we could do it! Your site is so simple yet so powerful! the alerts gave me the tools to book an amazing trip in Many; Apgar and Fish Creek. From now on i'll be using you all when i'm planning camping trips.

I have told as many people about your site as i could and people have been raving about how great it is.

Thanks again and great site!


“…i will definitely be subscribing again next year.”

I canceled my subscription as campnab has been a success as i have been able to book all of the campsites i needed for this year. Thanks again for offering this great service. This is my 2nd year using this service and unless we get a seasonal site next year, i will definitely be subscribing again next year.

Denis Beaulieu

“…saved my summer.”

Awesome app, saved my summer. Got all the camp sites I needed without the stress of having to book months in advance on the provincial park system

Amy Nelson

“Does exactly what you need…”

Such a great app! Simple and efficient. Does exactly what you need without fancy bells and whistles and annoying ads. Check it out if you love camping! Mind you - don’t steal my spots! 😂

Cheryl M.

“I was able to take my kids to Yosemite…”

I cannot believe how easy this service is to use. I immediately got 2 of the camping spots that I wanted. I was able to take my kids to Yosemite when everyone at work told me that it was impossible. Thank you Camonab! I read all of the tips that the website gave and made sure to list more days than I was likely to stay. This tactic provided me success.

Alison Gross

“Great service!!!”

We’ve been members for a couple summers now and have recommended your service to many of our camping friends. They could never figure out how we had so many great weekends at hard to book campgrounds. We almost didn’t want to tell any of them in case they became competition… but we did anyway. Great work, you two! Great service!!!

Mike Tenove

“Easy, inexpensive and effective…”

Easy, inexpensive and effective way to help you increase your odds of nabbing that campsite that you thought was lost for good.

Kevin Judd

“Definitely helped me get some spots…”

A true wish-I-would-have-thought-of-that service that works great. I did the $10 per month level which was fine for me. Definitely helped me get some spots I otherwise would not have. Highly recommend!

Kyle Durlam

“We won't hesitate to use it again if need be.”

This is something that really works! And for a super reasonable cost. We could not get into our favorite campground because it's gotten SO popular. A friend suggested CampNab and we got in. Nice site too. We won't hesitate to use it again if need be. Totally worth it.

Annie B.

“Great site!!”

Campnab has helped me put together 2 amazing last minute trips this summer. Camped over 3 weeks and got into all campgrounds we wanted, from California to Oregon to Washington. So easy to use. I’ve recommended it to a lot of my retired camping friends. Great site!!

Susan Tabke

“Will keep using Campnab.”

So helpful! I don’t have all day to sit and check sites. And, the national parks are impossible to get into now but for cancellations. Will keep using Campnab.

Jodi Greene

“Campnab saved our bacon…”

Perfect for reserving last minute campsites! We traveled up from San Diego up to Canada for a month with no plans. Campnab saved our bacon for pretty much the whole trip! It's worth its weight in gold!! Are you the person that didn't get that campsite 6 months in advance and now they are all full. Then Campnab is for you.

Seth Riddle

“Campnab Rocks.”

Campnab Rocks.

Matt Howarth

“Definitely 5 stars!! 😃”

Campnab saved our holiday! With its help we got campsites on short notice in places where you normally don't stand a chance, like Arches and Yosemite NP. Easy to install, easy to use and easy to cancel once you don't need it anymore. Definitely 5 stars!! 😃

Daniela Niederstraßer

“A great little secret…”

A great little secret for last minute opportunities that are bound to appear! Very easy to use.

Dave Huntoon

“Great idea and customer service is extraordinary.”

Awesome company and service. I can’t always plan 6months or more out for a camping trip but all the great spots are gone and often times the campground that I want is sold out. With Campnab we can try for a last minute trip or target a campground that is sold out. Great idea and customer service is extraordinary. Great job guys!!

Chris Arnold

“…gamechanger for camping!”

Your service is amazing and gamechanger for camping! We were able to get into some many coveted campgrounds that sold out in seconds by using your app.

Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about your app and no doubt, it help create so my life time memories for my family this summer. Needless to say, I have passed on your app to so my of our close friends and they would echo the same.

Keep up the good work.

John Dorough

“…well worth the money.”

Great site that helped me switch a campsite at Awenda from non-electric to Electric. I also got into another park that was full for months when I manually searched. It takes the pain out of checking constantly and well worth the money.

Matt Wilkes


Great place to find last minute camp site Cancellations 👍👍👍

Simon Greenaway

“Will definitely use them again.”

Super service! They got me 2 out of 3 places I wanted, including a state park on Fourth of July weekend, So east, so inexpensive!! Will definitely use them again.

Diane Allen

“It is such a great idea, I wish I thought of it!”

I’ve used Campnab for 2 summers now and I plan to use it again in the future! It’s very reliable and I made 3 different reservations at very popular parks this way this summer! It is such a great idea, I wish I thought of it! When I cancel my subscription after the summer, it is very easy to do, no questions asked. I highly recommend!

Sherry Milner

“Great service!”

Campnab has helped us so much! Great service!

Kristin Dennis

“…it seemed to be almost an impossible task.”

This is an awesome service for finding a campsite for those campgrounds that are difficult to reserve. They helped us find a campsite in a State Park that is booked up solid every single year during the time frame we wanted. We had been trying for months, & it seemed to be almost an impossible task. So we signed up, paid for the scan, & our particular scan ran for about 30 days or so, and low and behold, we got the notification that the impossible had become possible! They text/email you when someone cancels and you can quickly book that same site. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Denver Dunn

“Notifications helped me get a campsite…”

Easy to set up, good price. Notifications helped me get a campsite on a super busy long weekend!

Mike Lister

“Your service was amazing.”

Your service was amazing. The only reason I discontinued my subscription, is because I already completed my trip to the national Parks, where I was able to stay virtuallyn every night in a campground that I found because of Campnab. The next Time I go on a trip to a national Park I will definitely use your service again. I have also recommended your service to others who are equally impressed and pleased.
Thank you.

Yedidya Rausman

“But I am sure going to use it again…”

I LOVED using your website. It allowed me to book a last minute trip to Yosemite and Big Sur, which did not look possible at first.

I cancelled the membership just because I don’t need it at the moment. But I am sure going to use it again in the futur.

Thank you!

Roselyne Thibault

“Worked great…”

All is great! Booked a site within 48 hours of setting up a search. Worked great and will definitely use the service again.

Ronald Austin-Cox

“Thank you for your service!”

Great site! Highly recommend it for last minute campers or late bookers. Found this site by accident, signed up and got a campsite at a popular location in August over the weekend! Thank you for your service! Will be using them again for sure!🍷🙏👍

Sonja Roadhouse

“…will definitely use Campnab in the future.”

For years a group of friends have camped at the site 14 Big Creek campground in Flathead National Forest outside of Glacier Park. For at least the last four years, no matter what we did the site was always reserved six months in advance at 12:00:01. I truly believe the computer bots are preventing us normal people from getting our preferred reservations. I found out about Campnab. Bought a 1 month membership. Sure enough the site we wanted came available and I was able to successfully make the reservation. So a cancelled my monthly membership (easy peasy) and will definitely use Campnab in the future.

Amy Reger Palmer

“The service works great.”

There is nothing wrong w/ the service. Just not something I want to pay for forever. I just use it when I need it and turn it off when I don't. It's too expensive to just have running all the time for the amount of camping we do. The service works great. Rare these days for it to do what it should do and nothing else.

T. Rogers

“We will be back next year!”

Just booked all our camping for the season. We love Campnab and recommend it to everyone!
We will be back next year!

Sharon S.

“…the best designed and built web service I've ever used…”

Your service was amazing, by far the best designed and built web service I've ever used, we are all done our summer road now, but we will use this again!

Cass & Kayleigh Rankine

“I recommend it to everyone!”

We really love the service! I recommend it to everyone! We were able to book our favorite site all summer & will definitely be back next year! Thank you :)

Danielle W.

“I will surely use it again next year.”

The service was great and worked perfectly for me - I will surely use it again next year.

Rob C.

“Very effective service…”

Very effective service for getting Campgrounds at short term basis!

Georg Royl

“Makes camping doable…”

😀Best idea ever. Makes camping doable in our very busy neck of the woods!

Amy Beth Schumann

“Keep it up!!”

You guys rock and today we scored 7 days at our favorite spot! That’s why I cancelled. We used you last year and have told many about your great service. Thanks so much! Keep it up!!

Jessica S.

“…this nifty tool helped us immensely.”

this tool helped us totally rejig a long booked trip interrupted by covid at the last minute. it's shocking how often people cancel campsites, and this nifty tool helped us immensely. love it.

Tasha Gallgent

“Y’all saved my summer.”

It’s been fantastic. I’ve told so many people about campnab. I was trying to arrange a month long hike with dates and entries that kept changing due to an injury. So I used it a lot. But I have my permits in place and we leave this Thursday and I won’t need it again til probably next summer or spring. Y’all saved my summer. Thank you!

Bev Buswell

“We have all our reservations…”

Love using Campnab and you have helped us many times. We have all our reservations made for the next eight months.
We will rejoin in the spring.

Bill Berger

“A necessity…”

A necessity IF you want to go camping in BC!!!

Bailey Borden

“So worth it!”

Love Campnab! I’ve used it for the last couple years. Very intuitive and easy to use. Love that it texts you when there’s availability as I’m not always sitting on my email. It really works too! I got a text before the free DNR notification was even sent to my email. I kicked up my monthly scan to the “awesome” and ended up with the site we were we really hoping for! So worth it!

Angie Vetrone

“Thank you so much…”

Campnab is the best! The interface is easy to use and the notifications are timely and accurate. Against all odds, I was able to get a campsite for my friends to join us at a California beach campground in August. I will definitely be using Campnab in the future. Thank you so much for creating this awesome service and making it available and affordable to fellow campers.

Jane M.


My brother and I were looking for an impromptu place on the beach to camp away from the heat this summer and discovered literally every state beach campsite was taken. We had basically resigned ourselves to paying for an expensive private (inland) campsite when I discovered your service. INGENIOUS! We were able to nab a spot near the beach at San Simeon, which was one of our first choices of destination. Keep up the good work, and we’ll be using your service again!


Stephen Crump

“We had 5 great, relaxing, unexpected days camping…”

Our experience was great! Thanks to Campnab we were able to get the exact campsite we wanted after someone canceled their reservation. We had 5 great, relaxing, unexpected days camping thanks to you.

We have reservations in place for the rest of the season so we don’t really need Campnab’s services right now. But rest assured, we will be back with you again!

Thanks for providing a great service!

Dave Casper

“One of the best…”

One of the best apps I ever downloaded.

Kay Tee

“I have also been talking the service up.”

We have gotten through our camping season for the time being, but we will be sure to use the service when we plan our vacations in the future. I have also been talking the service up. Hopefully sending some people your way. Thanks.

Joseph Stigora

“…never fails to find us a campsite…”

Awesome easy to use app that never fails to find us a campsite when everything has been booked up solid.

David Loydon

“Thanks a million CampNab…”

I just cancelled my CampNab, but not because it isn’t incredibly awesome and isn’t amazing. I just camp about once a year, so really only needed it for this last trip.

That being said, this was amazing. So easy to set up, I love the interface and UX, and, most importantly, it worked! We got the exact site we wanted, were able to book it immediately online, and have the exact trip we had hoped for.

Thanks a million CampNab, I’m excited to share the good news of CampNab with all my dirt bag friends!

Devon Braun

“…El Capitan, Leo Carrillo, and South Carlsbad!”

I was very happy with the service and was able to nab competitive campsites including El Capitan, Leo Carrillo, and South Carlsbad!

Isabella C.

“I’ll sign up again next year for sure.”

Great app! I was able to book all my camping sites which going thru the normal reservation system was pretty much impossible. Easy to cancel too when you’re done needing it. I’ll sign up again next year for sure.

Andrea Kennedy

“This gives me hope…”

Hey, I am really impressed with your service. I upgraded my campsite at Yosemite 3x until I finally got 4 consecutive days in Upper Pines! This gives me hope that I don’t need to worry about that 5 months in advance 7:00am do-or-die reservation deadline. I’ll re-up my membership in 3 months for a spring camping trip.

Mark Augustin

“We used it for our epic car camping trip…”

I fucking loved your service. We used it for our epic car camping trip this summer and I used it for the majority of our camp spots. Thank you so much for the hard work building the site/service. I'm sure I will use it again.

Andy Rouse

“…your service is fantastic.”

Just letting you know that your service is fantastic. We were able to secure the best campsites ever without reserving them months in advance - right on the beach, on a shore lake, away from people etc - all in the busy national parks of PNW.

Thank you!

Alex P.

“It’s worth every penny.”

CampNAB is such an awesome idea- my friend told me about it and my travels are forever changed for the better! I’ve been able to snag some incredible campsites at Death Valley, Zion, and Jedediah Smith all at the last minute with this subscription. It’s worth every penny.

Karissa Ferrer

“So easy to use !”

LOVE! Such a great app! So easy to use ! I highly recommend!!

Vicki March

“We WILL be back.”

We really appreciate this service and it was instrumental in our being able to visit Glacier National Park this month. The only reason I’m canceling is because we have no current plans for travel. We WILL be back.

Greg Ellison

“…it worked.”

Your system is great and it worked. Your got us three spots we otherwise wouldn't have. We are not doing any camping after October until spring next year so we'll re-join you after April/May.

Thanks for a great program.

Gary and Kitty Williams

“…have now secured all needed reservations.”

Everything worked perfectly. Just done using it for the season. Only camp in the summer and have now secured all needed reservations.

Jeff Ashmore

“Great service and beautiful UI.”

Excellent solution to get a spot in high demand campgrounds. Great service and beautiful UI. I highly recommend!

Rafael Brendler

“I was able to book camping sites…”

It was easy to navigate and I was able to book camping sites within couple of days. Highly recommended.

Sarbjit Kaur

“I will definitely use you guys again”

I loved campnab! We just needed to cut some corners on subscriptions due to inflation and all. Also - not looking for camp spots at the moment. I will definitely use you guys again and have recommended you to many friends already.

Carla Bocchini

“Thank you a million!”

You guys did your job exactly right!!! I got all the spots I needed for the season because of you! Thank you a million!

Camille Hutchison

“Sending this from glacier basin campground…”

You site is literally life changing. Sending this from glacier basin campground Rocky Mountain national park got sites two weeks ago from campnab

David G.

“We will use this site again…”

Everything is well, we got the sites we needed for a family function and are very happy with your service, so thank you very much. We will use this site again if needed in the future.

Kimberley Standeven

“Highly recommended”

Campnab allowed us to get into hard-to-get campsites: both Jenny Lake, Grand Teton and Many Glacier in Glacier NP. Highly recommended

James Borgwardt

“Definitely worth the money!”

They got me a site in 2 hours that I didn’t think I would get until the off season! Definitely worth the money!

Danielle MacLeod

“Thanks so much!”

Campnab worked great! I got a site on the first day of my membership 🙂 Thanks so much!

Cheryl Vander Tuin

“Thank you for creating such a great service.”

The service worked and we’re really looking forward to the camping trip we’ve nabbed.

We’ve since recommended the plan to two of our friends who have also now found opportunities to camp with their small children.

Thank you for creating such a great service. And for offering it at a price that didn’t detour us from trying it out.

Without your program, us city folk would have missed another summer of camping with our kids.

Jenette Barry

“…a great app for finding cancellations for the campgrounds…”

This is a great app for finding cancellations for the campgrounds that are difficult to reserve. They text you when someone cancels and you can quickly book that same site. Highly recommend!

Margaret Robinson

“Will sign up again next spring”

You guys are amazing as always 😊 done with reservations for the year. Will sign up again next spring ☺️

Klaudyna N.

“We will definitely use Camp Nab again!”

All was awesome with Camp Nab! We got all the campsites we were hoping for this summer thanks to you guys- even one in Lake Louise which is usually SUPER hard to get!
We will definitely use Camp Nab again!

Katie Nault

“…I will be renewing my subscription next spring again.”

Very happy with the service. However, camping is all booked for this year now and so I will be renewing my subscription next spring again.

Michelle Weisinger

“I have my camp sites…”

The service is amazing and I had a great experience. I have my camp sites and won't be booking again until next year. I've passed on your site to many its amazing. 😀

Suzanne Pottinger

“Highly recommended!”

Campnab is a great app! We forgot to book our favourite site on time but successfully used Canpnab to find a great alternative at a convenient time. Highly recommended!

Tara McLenaghen

“…an unbelievably handy tool.”

Your service is amazing and such an unbelievably handy tool. I just don’t have anymore camping weekends coming up that I don’t already have spots booked for so it didn’t make sense to keep paying the monthly fee for now. I will absolutely be re-subscribing in the future! I have told anyone and everyone about Campnab.

Julia Sninchak

“…I would use it again.”

I was able to get multiple camping spots at one of my favorite campgrounds that was previously totally booked. The service was great and I would use it again. I've already recommended it to a few people.

Emma H.

“Your system is really great!”

Everything went great! I cancelled my subscription because I finally was able to reserve my preferred campground in Yosemite. Your system was critical in making sure I not only got what I wanted, but could adjust quickly to the 2022 Yosemite fire without having to cancel my camping trip out right. Your system is really great!

DJ McGuire

“Actually too good.”

All good. Actually too good. Got the reservation I wanted for the weekend I wanted. Will definitely be using this every year.

Thanks for being awesome and making life easier.

Donovan Helminiak

“HIGHLY recommend in this insanely competitive time to find a camp space!”

CampNab was my saving grace for a trip to the Grand Tetons with no availability. I was able to 'nab' a freshly canceled site and take my trip - a dream. The system is amazing, with so many filters you can get alerts for exactly what you're looking for. HIGHLY recommend in this insanely competitive time to find a camp space!

Christine C Marooney

“Well worth the money…”

Campnab has been awesome! I was able to book everything I wanted. I’m recommending it to all my friends. Well worth the money to save the stress! 😊

Nancy B.

“I ended up getting 9 separate reservations…”

You guys nailed it. I ended up getting 9 separate reservations in one of the toughest-to-book campgrounds in BC. But now we have rezzies for all members of our group and for a second trip as well.
I'll be sure to be back again next spring!

Ron Depner

“It’s amazing because it works!”

I absolutely love it! I tell everyone about it! It is amazing with a very simple user interface. Thank you. We are occasional campers so we don’t need it indefinitely, just once in a while.

Alexis P.

“I'm sure I'll be back next year.”

I have had great luck with your app again this year. I only had a few weekends open and with your help they are all filled up. But boy, you have to move fast to catch the openings - maybe because everyone is using the app? Took me several tries but I finally was the first through. I'm sure I'll be back next year.

Claire Spencer

“I got many campsites using it.”

Your service was great! I got many campsites using it. We have international travel coming up so I know I won't be needing Campnab for a while. But, I'll be back when we are back in the US! And I have absolutely recommended to other people too!

Kathy Mestnik

“…and it WORKED.”

Thanks to Campnab, I booked a spot in a very popular National Park in July. This is a great service when you need to find a campsite and they are all gone. They are easy to use and helpful, and it WORKED. I will use it again next time I'm looking for a campsite and they are all already booked.

Katie Schlaak Waddell

“…I will sign up again as the need arises.”

The app is fantastic. I was able to snag a couple of reservations at popular parks with very short notice.

I have recommended you to several people since joining and I will sign up again as the need arises.

Peter Petkovic

“I will definitely use your service…”

The service is great. I cancelled because the rest of our summer is already booked. I will definitely use your service in the future and recommend you.
Thank you very much.

Angela Dudley

“…this help has been much appreciated.”

I just cancelled my plan now that I was able to add our last night of reservable camping in Glacier National Park. It would have renewed tomorrow anyway, so I really got my last full month of service. I originally signed up three months ago hoping to "save" our planned trip to Glacier, being the likely last big trip as a family before our eldest goes to college. Seems everyone else had put plans on hold also, because the electronic fight to get sites was fierce. We have a two week stay, and had only managed to get one week's worth of campsites before signing up with Campnab. Your service got us the entire second week, thanks!! Are we camping exactly where I wanted? Sites, not exactly, but Yes if you mean in a campground in the park. And that's the whole point, really! I realize that this is a pretty easy set-up for you guys now, but if you hadn't made this available to the rest of us mere law-abiding mortals (at a reasonable price!), there would be great disappointment amongst campers. I don't normally write reviews (you have plenty, anyway), but I wanted to let you know that this help has been much appreciated. We'll likely use you again, and I will not hesitate to recommend Campnab to others.

Karen H.

“I never would have gotten these camp sites…”

I love it! Literally life changing. I never would have gotten these camp sites without it. Thank you so much

Ashley Harel

“We just got booked…”

I love this app. We just got booked now everything we needed.

Angela Cheever

“Also great at finding wilderness permits!”

Great app for finding camping sites last minute, for those of us that can't plan 6 months in advance 😆 Also great at finding wilderness permits! Was able to nab some cancelled permits for super popular trails in the Eastern Sierras 💛

Wendy Nomiyama

“Love the app…”

Absolutely no problems at all with your service. Love the app and will eventually rejoin.

Marilyn Elrod

“…super easy to use!”

Incredibly useful service, and super easy to use!

Jayme Lewthwaite

“Tell everyone I know about Campnab…”

You guys SERIOUSLY rock. I am often so conflicted: Tell everyone I know about Campnab vs. keep it to myself (more campsites for me)!!! :-0


“…going on our trip tomorrow!”

We got a site in the first 6 hours of our scan! Thanks so much, we’re going on our trip tomorrow!

Rebecca Herndon

“…I am glad I discovered it.”

There was no problem with your service. In fact it is an awesome service, and I am glad I discovered it. I canceled because my summer camping season is already over. I know I will use your service again but it will usually be on a per use or short term basis.

Michael Newton

“It’s fantastic.”

I love the concept and the app. It’s fantastic.

David Zuccolotto

“…mission completed.”

Your service worked well and mission completed. If I need to find reservations for another upcoming trip, I’ll use you guys. Thanks,

Randon Kruse

“I’m super happy.”

Campnab worked exactly as advertised and I’m super happy. Thanks to you I got my favorite childhood campsite and I can’t wait to get out there! I’ve recommended you to countless friends.
See you next year!


“…will be back.”

I signed up to test the service and it worked.
Got a cancellation and used it.

We already have our camping dates booked for east of summer but will be back.

Gave your service out to a number of fellow campers.

Keep up the good work!

Barry Hammond

“Campnab is fantastic.”

Campnab is fantastic. They scan campsite reservations and send you a text when someone else cancels - giving you a head start to book your site! I used it last week to find a last minute site in Acadia.

Maine Van Life

“Such a great app!”

Found a campsite for our family vacation in Tahoe without having to plan a months or a year ahead. Such a great app!

Virginia Justus

“I was getting alerts quite regularly…”

Campnab is super easy to use. You just select your preferred campsites and dates and then you will receive their alerts when there are cancellations. It took a couple weeks for me to get a campsite that I wanted because I chose one of the most popular, smaller campsites in my area, during the busiest month of the year, but it was a Campnab alert that helped me eventually get a spot! I was getting alerts quite regularly but just being picky about my dates so it will work even better if you are more flexible. Will definitely use this service again.

Nicki Regnier

“Campnab is for you!”

If you can’t/don’t want to plan every camping trip months in advance, Campnab is for you! We have been wanting to camp at a popular Washington state campground for years, but every time we’ve had a reservation there made months is advance, something has come up. When I canceled our May reservation I figured this year we were once again out of luck. But then … a friend had spoken highly of Campnab and I figured we would only be out $10 if it didn’t work. I started a search for the one weekend in July that would work for us. It took about 3 weeks - and a couple of false positives when ADA accessible sites that we didn’t qualify for opened up - but we were patient and we finally got an alert for the perfect site. As of this morning I finally completed a hike I have wanted to do for the last five years. Campnab for the win!

Kate Sander

“So happy with the service…”

The service is AWESOME! So happy with the service to nab some campsites for our recent trip to Big Sur. We won't be camping for a bit so don't need the service for now but will definitely use it again in the future.

Brett Casey

“Try this out!”

I use Campnab for Acadia National Park and just in the last week they saved me endless time by just getting texts when sites were available. Tons of effort on their part, and 0 effort on my part. My daughter got to enjoy a father daughter trip - thanks Campnab! I highly recommend this service as a small business owner myself. The service allows me to help campers, that rent my Campervan, find campsites in Acadia, when they appear fully booked. Try this out!

Luke Edward Krummel

(Video) Campsite Booking Secrets | MUST KNOW Tips to Reserve Sold Out RV Campgrounds | Full Time RV (4K)

“Brilliant service…”

Amazing service. Signed up to nab a coveted camping spot in the Pacific Northwest and was flooded with options in the first week. Brilliant service - especially for procrastinators like me.

Christy Hudson

“…we’re all set!”

We used it to snag the 2 nights of camping at Yosemite that we were looking for, so your service worked awesome and we’re all set! Thanks!

Joy Miller

“I doubt I would have seen it in time on my own…”

I would like to say that I love your service! I am going on a last minute trip to Big Sur, CA this summer, and the whole highway was pretty much booked solid. Using your website, I was able to find a cancellation for an amazing campsite near the beach for 3 nights. I doubt I would have seen it in time on my own, even with my obsessive checking of Thanks for helping to make my trip a reality!

Katherine Woodhouse

“Thank you for the services…”

Your services were perfect, because of campnab we were able to secure spots at the (fully booked) campgrounds in Glacier National Park and Zion National Park for our trip this year. We do not plan on needing the service again until 2023 so I canceled the monthly payment. Come 2023 we will we subscribe and do it all over again. Thank you for the services, I have recommended it to so many people on the road that asked how we got into the campgrounds that we did, It wouldn't have been possible without campnab.

Justin DePriest

“CampNab rocks!”

It worked perfect. We got exactly the site we were looking for. CampNab rocks! 😀👍😂🐶😍

George Knights

“…recommend you to everyone!!!”

I have used your service for the last 2 years and recommend you to everyone!!!
We went to Yosemite in 2020 thx to campnab. And we have camped at Yosemite every year since campnab!!! Thank you!

Katie Leitch


Amazing!! Easy to use and super helpful in finding a campsite for a location & date range. Highly recommend them - made my life so much easier & less stressful! LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!

Belinda Kaplan

“Easy to use, friendly service”

Great app to find camping spots! Easy to use, friendly service

Sarah Weckstrom

“I loveee your service…”

It was wonderful! I desperately wanted a site at Samuel P Taylor and I got a notification and was able to book it right when it was released for 4 nights in July 😳!

My needs were met so quickly haha I loveee your service and would definitely purchase again when I’m looking for a site last minute!

Thea Vienna

“we've booked campsites several times using campnab's scans.”

it's so easy to use. we've booked campsites several times using campnab's scans. most recently it found me a cancellation in 2 hours of me creating the search.

Christina Benjamins

“Works as described…”

Works as described, easy affordable and effective.

Jessica Powell

“Will definitely use again.”

Excellent experience and highly recommend. Eric, the owner, personally reached out to see if I was happy with the product. We were able to snag a highly-coveted reservation at the Upper Pines campground in Yosemite during the week of July 4th. Will definitely use again.

Brian Holland

“I'll try to catch a tube for you…”

Second alert came through and snagged a campsite near one of the most popular U.S. beaches (Santa Cruz) during one of the most popular weekends (4th of July), THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE! Kudos to you on a killer service! I'll try to catch a tube for you, and so will my daughter ;>

John Whitmer

“…a game changer…”

Your website is completely amazing and a game changer for us to finally be able to go camping where we want to go. Thank you so much! I’m sharing it with all my friends

Alison Duiven

“I definitely would recommend this app…”

Great app and wonderful experience using it for booking our trip to Yosemite last month!! I chose the 10min refreshing option and it worked great! I got my campsite book on desired days the second day after subscription! I definitely would recommend this app to everyone who are last minute campers!

Dan Su

“…an awesome way to snag campsites!”

I absolutely love campnab and will be using it again in the future! I got the sites that needed the last few months, and won’t need to use it again until spring which is why I cancelled for now. Thanks for creating such an awesome way to snag campsites!

Emily B.

“…saved us on a couple of occasions…”

You guys rock. I love your tool (the website that is. lol)

I'd say you guys have saved us on a couple of occasions from having a trip cut short or not getting to go at all.

We had one in particular where we had a beach campground site that got cancelled on us due to heavy rains and flooding in the campground right in the middle of a 10 day trip. Everything else was booked up, and we were able to 'nab' a site at a different beach campground a day before our scheduled departure to fill the gap in our travels.

Geoffrey Oltmans

“…recommended it to my friends.”

The service worked great and I got the campsite I wanted.

I’d definitely use the service again and I’ve recommended it to my friends.

Tavis M.

“…got the camping spot I was hoping for!!”

It was exactly what I needed and I got the camping spot I was hoping for!! I canceled because I no longer need it but will definitely use again if needed and recommend to friends!
Thank you!!

Stevie Frempong

“I was about to write you to say the app doesn't work…”

I just wanted to say thank you for this app. After signing up I was receiving the text alerts for a few days to go camping in Yosemite. Every time I got a text I clicked the link immediately and at that point, the reservation is already booked. I was about to write you to say the app doesn't work when I got a lucky hit on a site in Yosemite. I clicked the link you sent via text just like before...within a second or two from receiving the text and boom I got a campsite. It took a few days and 37 failed attempts to finally get a site. I really appreciate your product and I'm so thrilled to get to go to Yosemite. Now if only there was a way to do this for the Half Dome cables! Thanks!!!!!

Laryssa Stecyk

“It was so easy…”

Great app! I was able to secure a campground through Campnab at a campground that is always in high demand. Campnab's notification came with a link to the camping website so I could quickly put in the dates and hit reserve. It was so easy and the customer service was prompt and helpful.

Fiona Nowotny Babbs

“…I'm all booked up…”

I absolutely LOVE your site and because of it I was able to fill every weekend I wanted to go camping with your spots! Consequently I didn't need more alerts as I'm all booked up so thought I'd step aside to let others do the same.

Thank you for helping make memories this summer!

Karen Williams

“…the best service ever!!!”

Your service is excellent and I recommend it to anyone who I can! I already got my reservations for the summer so I’m set!!! thank you again this is the best service ever!!!

Angela Griffiths

“Super easy to use!”

This was a game changer for us! We can never book anything until a month out because of work scheduling. It means that any camping we do has to be last minute, with already fully booked sites. Campnab made out bucket list family trip down the Oregon coast possible this year. We even used the app to upgrade to a better site after we’d already secured a site using campnab. Super easy to use! I love the text sign in as well! Thank you!

Erica Manger

“You made our vacation very successful.”

Your service was very helpful in getting a short notice campsite at Gross Ventre, Jackson hole Wyoming. Thank you very much for your help I will be back in the future. You made our vacation very successful.

David McCallan

“I love it.”

It's a great service. I love it. We were able to upgrade into some great spots at Mr. Rainier and Kalaloch by watching it. I book immediately when I see an alert that applies. It is essentially impossible to get into these high demand areas without this service.

Shawn Omans

“I highly recommend!”

Such a great service! I wanted to add on some days at a different campground at the end of our summer Holiday. The campgrounds i wanted were all booked up! I used Campnab and was able to secure a site! So easy! I highly recommend!

Kristina Kirby

“Just do it!”

Tired of constantly refreshing camping websites at midnight exactly 6 months before the dates you want, only to go to bed at 2am frustrated? Tired of scouring websites for last-minute cancellations? With an extremely easy-to-use and navigate UI, great filtering, and excellent plans to fit any needs, is your savior! We use it many times throughout each camping season. Just do it!

Marc Reasoner

“I would definitely use again!”

Such a great, easy to use service! We wanted to book a popular campground that sells out as soon as spots are available six months in advance. I got a mid July spot within 2 days of using campnab. I would definitely use again!

Julie Williamson Cooke

“Used Campnab to get permits for trip for a lifetime!”

Just secured campground permits for the impossible-to-get Brooks Falls - one of the world's premier grizzly bear viewing sites in the world! Permits to Brooks Falls campground are opened to the public for the whole year and sell out in less than a minute, making securing permits a very difficult task if you are late or even if your internet is too low than the competition. Using Campnab's campground availability monitoring, I was able to purchase campground permits for Brooks Falls campground within minutes of someone else cancelling their permits. Moreover, I was able to get campground permits for the exact target weekend sought in mid-July, which is one of the best times during the year to view the grizzlies. Campnab's site is extremely user friendly, and I was able to set it up to receive simultaneous real time alerts to both my phone (via text) and email. Since then, I've upgraded my plan and am using Campnab to monitor 5 different permit opportunities over the next coming months - its a complete game changer when it comes to opening up the possibilities for adventure all year around!

Mike from Scranton, PA

“…exactly as advertised…”

Campnab performed exactly as advertised and nabbed me a couple nights in Yosemite that were sold out. You still have to be quick on the draw, but there were many opportunities. Will definitely use the service again if the need arises.


“…incredible service.”

I know this is the forum to contact you if I have problems but the good news is your system works so well that isn’t necessary.

Just wanted to thank you guys for this incredible service.

My wife and I really enjoy exploring state parks but making reservations these days is maddening.

I was skeptical at first when a friend of ours told us about you but the first time we used it we got into a park we had been trying to get into for weeks in just a matter of a couple of days. WOW.

We’re off the road right now for a couple of months but instead of cancelling the service we decided to continue to support you by maintaining a minimum subscription.

Keep up the great thing you got going and we look forward to the day you include national parks too!

James and Ruth Lowe

“Your site is extremely beneficial for us.”

Just got campnab notification for Florida Keys cancellation last week Booked it thanks to you guys. Your site is extremely beneficial for us.

Rich McClerin

“Really grateful for your help and your product.”

This service is amazing. It worked for me in less than 24 hours at a very sought after National Park. And the price ($10) will keep me coming back and recommending it to others (I have already called 3 separate camping friends about it). Thank you. Really grateful for your help and your product.

Joseph Stigora

“I no longer need it.”

Your service was so great that I no longer need it. I got all 5 nights at the campgrounds I was looking for.

Tzvi Wertenteil

“Highly recommend!”

This is the best service. Especially to get those ‘tough to book’ campsites. We planned a summer trip late in April. By using CampNab we got spots at 6 national parks. Then when the dates for our plans changed, we still nabbed great spots two weeks out! Highly recommend!

Karyn Taylor

“…freaking awesome…”

No issues with the service - freaking awesome actually, to the point it found me all the campsites I was looking for in prep for a trip to Glacier & Banff. Will definitely subscribe again when the next camping vacation comes along.

Jonathan Simkins

“Excellent service”

Excellent service. We have used them before and they helped us get the reservation we wanted! Totally recommend them🙂👍

Gregor John Kowalski

“I am definitely reactivating…”

I LOVED the service! I just finished up a 3 week camping trip (made way better by Campnab) and won't be needing it for a while, but I am definitely reactivating it before my next trip!

Lacey Johnson

“We were able to find exactly what and where we we wanted.”

I thought I would try your app camp nab and geez I'm so glad I did. We were able to find exactly what and where we we wanted. Thank you!

Glynnis P.

“I got the site I wanted.”

It worked great and I got the site I wanted. This is a great app and I’ll be back next fall.

Nick O.

“…Campnab is amazing!”

For those of you like me who cannot plan 6 months in advance to reserve a campground, Campnab is amazing! It runs an automatically repeating query for the campground you want and will send you a text when a reservation is available! It's not free but it's worth it and the website's UI is 10/10 🤩

Karen Lai

“Holy shit y’all.”

Shelby here. I just wanted to give you guys a MAJOR love-bomb, shout out, appreciation message. I lost all of the *5 million* lotteries I applied for to hike the JMT this year. A friend told me about campnab, and I got notified and booked my perfect permit IN UNDER AN HOUR after signing up…! Holy shit y’all. I am SO grateful to you for creating this service. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Campnab is a dream come true!

Shelby Seaborn

“I consider your service a blessing and tell everyone I know about it.”

Your App is amazing and has been the reason the last two years we have been able to book the campground we wanted. St Andrews state park has a jetty beach that is very kid friendly and we have a special needs child that we have to take in to account when vacationing. This is the only park in the state we can go and feel safe with him on the beach. Your app quickly identified a vacancy we wanted two years in a row and I was able to book quickly. Last year it took a couple of months. This year just a week. We only go once a year so a long term subscription is not necessary, but rather pay as you go for the best. I consider your service a blessing and tell everyone I know about it. Thanks for all y’all do to make it possible for busy people to get the vacation they want!!

Michael Boshell

“I will reactivate our subscription next season…”

I actually thought the service was great and have recommended it to a number of friends. The only reason I cancelled was that our Summer and Fall are booked up and we don’t have any additional need at this point. I will reactivate our subscription next season if there are sites we can’t get locked down when booking window open.

Patrick Hasselbach

“We have secured the Yosemite reservations…”

Campnab was PERFECT! We have secured the Yosemite reservations we wanted, so we no longer need the service at this time.

April Perez

“Love and recommend this service to everyone!”

CampNab is amazing. I've used their services for getting campsites on sold out weekends in major, popular parks - Mount Rainier National Park for Labor Day weekend, and another popular park for Memorial Day weekend. I got MANY site notifications when I set up a scan ~2.5 months in advance and still got plenty when it was a mere few days beforehand. Love and recommend this service to everyone!

Elizabeth Paiva

“I'll be up there with one of my besties to celebrate our birthdays.”

First time user. Signed up last night to try to find availability for Haleakala Sunrise Summit passes for the few days I'll be up there with one of my besties to celebrate our birthdays. The website was easy to navigate and input our seach in. Was THRILLED to get a text notification this morning of availability, and grabbed our permit!! We are so excited to be able to experience this, and honestly with our busy schedules I doubt very much we would have been able to find availability of a permit on our own. Thank you!!

Rae Judi Kell

“Worth it!”

So helpful. Less stressful. Worth it!

Amber Lockwood

“100% worth it…”

What a lifesaver! We got great sites in Glacier, Grand Teton, and Zion due to Campnab. 100% worth it, highly recommend!

Nelwyn Del Frate

“…worked perfectly”

Everything went great, and worked perfectly. We were able to book campsites within Yellowstone and Grand Teton for our trip in June. Will definitely be using your services again on an as needed basis, and will be telling all my friends they need to use it.

Jarrod Balthis

“I appreciate what your product does.”

We really appreciate the service. It worked great for the campsites we wanted to get. Let me just say, Thank you for your product. As a life long camper, and an intentionally technological incompetent person, I appreciate what your product does. It saves me from yelling at my computer and being frustrated for days on end.
We’ll be back soon, and we’re spreading the word.
Thank you.

Elliot R.

“I will use Camp Nab every time…”

Your service was absolutely wonderful and worked perfectly to help get us sites to camp at a state park for this weekend and next!

I’ve been so frustrated with making reservations. You used to be able to catch them as people canceled about a week before, but I’m the past couple years, it’s been impossible!

I will use Camp Nab every time we need a spot without hesitation!

Stacy Clarkson

“It found me a spot quickly.”

I love this program. It found me a spot quickly. I am for sure grateful.

Peter O.

“Can’t thank you enough…”

We are only cancelling our membership as we fly back to the UK, where we live, in early July.

Campnab has been absolutely brilliant - thanks to your service we have spots booked at Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosemite and Lake Tahoe! Can’t thank you enough for making our trip so successful - wouldn’t have had a chance of getting bookings on the dates we needed had it not been for Campnab.

Thanks so much again, I’ll be sure to recommend Campnab to anyone we know looking for camping spots in the future.

Martyn Essery

“Just thrilled to have found you!”

I had heard about you in our community, prob because we live right smack dab in-between some of the hardest campsites to book here in San Diego, California!! Funny that you even mention San Elijo State Campground in your YouTube video!!

Just thrilled to have found you! My husband retired last December 2021, of course we had all kinds of plans to hit the road & explore camping but unfortunately, I was diagnosed with cancer in January 2022. Since we need to stay close to home for my care and the ‘close to home campsites’ were terribly hard to book until we found YOU! It has brought both of us such joy to occasionally camp through all of this! Thrilled to have found you, thankful you were able to apply your website skill to helping us explore!

Mary Jo and Marty Stowe

“…so many last-minute camping trips…”

Your service has been a LIFE SAVER and we have been able to go on so many last-minute camping trips in the last month bc of your site.

I just canceled for the time being bc we don't have any trips planned and don't need your service, but i tell EVERYONE about it bc its so awesome,


Aleigh Lewis

“This app is a true blessing.”

I got the camp spot I was wanting so thank you for all the help! This app is a true blessing.

Shawna Gray

“Honestly, an epic service…”

I can’t wait to tell my friends and family about how easy and awesome this service is. We were able to nab a site at Yosemite Valley on the dates we requested. Honestly, an epic service your company is providing. Thank you!

Britney Sanchez

“…less than 24 hours!!”

The service actually worked so well that I was able to find a camping spot at my desired location (Zion National Park during Memorial Day Weekend) in less than 24 hours!! I will definitely be using Campnab for future camping needs, but definitely should've just signed up for the week-long membership rather than the month.

Samantha Herriot

“You made our cross country trip possible.”

I loved the site and it worked great. We got a lot of great spots using campnab.

We told a lot of people about the site when they asked how we managed to get a spot on such short notice.

Thanks. You made our cross country trip possible.

Mike Bos

“I have only rave reviews…”

Campnab has been aaaaaaamazing! My cancellation should only reflect my absolute satisfaction with its the point that we got in every campsite on our dashboard being Bryce and Zion, two of the most sought after in Utah. The only one we didn't score was Arches Fiery Furnace guided tour b/c I believe they are not offering it at the present time. I have only rave reviews for your business and am telling all my friends to give it a try on their next adventures to our national parks. We'll be back in future summers! With sincere gratitude,


“I think I've recommended it to 40 or 50 other campers…”

It sure was awesome! We scored 12 nights in hard to get Utah NPs in April alone plus more in TX. Your service was so easy to use and book all the cancellations as they came up. I think I've recommended it to 40 or 50 other campers we met in the past 3 months on the road. Will most definitely use it again! It’s inexpensive and totally worth it!

Scott & Karen Tobiason

“…great service!”

The service is absolutely amazing! We are just now booked up for the summer and don’t need any more weekends. We will definitely use it again next year and will recommend to friends.

Thanks for providing such a great service!

Aimee Soloway

“I was able to get a 3 night stay…”

I love you service! Last night I was able to get a 3 night stay at a completely sold out campground. I canceled because that was the only campground that I needed. I will recommend your site to everyone I know and if I need another site I will sign up again. Thank you for your site.

Kathy Flischel

“…got exactly what I was searching for.”

after much frustration with Rec. gov, I found campnab and the service was well worth it. I got a heads up about some cancellations and got exactly what I was searching for.

Mike Moutoux

“…annual camping trip has been saved”

For the last two years, our 3 family/3 site annual camping trip has been saved using this app - it has taken away the worry of having to reschedule if one of us does not get a site the morning they open up for online reservations!

Tanya F.

“Will definitely use Campnab again…”

Campnab was extremely helpful. No problem at all. Will definitely use Campnab again in the future. Thank you.

Carol K.

“Thanks guys. Good app.”

This app is really helpful. I was trying to string together a trip with a few parks and trying to squeeze in a stop at Killbear in August. This app helped me find an electric site to fit our 25’ Class C. It sent so many suggestions over a week or two that I could have chosen from about 10 different sites. Thanks guys. Good app.

John Hunt

“I would definitely recommend Campnab…”

It’s nearly impossible to reserve campsites these days. Even attempting to do so when the 6- month window opens can be challenging. I discovered Campnab, signed up, chose the campground we were interested in staying and within 2 weeks we received a text from them telling us of the sites that opened up due to cancellations. We were able to grab a site within an hour. I would definitely recommend Campnab and in fact have already told friends about it.

Jerri Batson

“I will certainly use campnab again…”

The service worked great. I just have all the reservations I need for now. I will certainly use campnab again in the future.

William Busch

“I can’t recommend Campnab enough!!!”

Campnab is amazing! I’m doing a road trip from San Diego to Olympic national park this summer and we had planned on doing two different campground within the park. The campground was completely full but there are first come spots. I’m traveling with a 2 year old and a 5 year old so I was a little stressed about not getting a first come spot. I stumbled upon Campnab and and they were able to get me a reservation after they found a cancellation. I way less stressed about the trip knowing I have a reservation. I can’t recommend Campnab enough!!!

Greg Hoffman

“I scored a prime weekend reservation…”

I love your website! Last night I scored a prime weekend reservation at a campground in Idaho that is always 100% booked. Campnab rocks!

Derek Dean

“…extremely helpful!”

Your service has been extremely helpful! So helpful, in fact, that our summer plans and reservations are all set :)

I’ve shared your site with many friends and I’m sure I’ll be back for my next camping adventure.

Allison Milne

“…able to get campsites for 3 different nights”

We used the app for a trip to yosemite and were able to get campsites for 3 different nights. Week days were easier, but with some patience it worked too for the week end (although subscibing to the higher level may have got us there faster)

Jean-luc Robert

“Absolutely thrilled…”

I got my camping reservations at both Grand Canyon and Zion for my birthday week and am (or will be) a happy camper. Thank to you all! Absolutely thrilled that Campnab exists.

Rachel Ruiz

“It worked great for us.”

Found out about this site from a YouTube video. It worked great for us. I highly recommend to anyone having trouble reserving a campsite. We were able to book campsites at a few popular Ontario Parks using Campnab.

Aaron Googe

“Your product is outstanding…”

Just wanted to say thanks. Your product is outstanding and was key to getting my vacation set up this year.

Bob Murray


Campnab worked! We were notified of an opening in Acadia and we were able to book our trip! Thank you, Campnab! BRAVO! @quarantinatheairstream

Ginney McDonald

“Highly recommend”

This is an awesome app, paid $10 for the month and ended up with 2 great campsites that were completely sold out! Highly recommend🤓

Cathy Kate Stevens

“Excited for my trip in a month!”

I was successful in getting all the campsites I needed from your service!!! I cannot thank you enough!! I will be using your service again! Excited for my trip in a month!

Angelina Hein


After trying unsuccessfully for weeks to book the only cabin in Bon Echo that allows dogs, we set an alert for the site. We received an alert a couple weeks later and booked the site for the weekend we needed it, hassle-free.

Joelle Carissa

“I got the five nights I wanted in Zion…”

Campnab is awesome! I started my yearly subscription 2 days ago, and it has already paid for itself! I got the five nights I wanted in Zion for the end of this month!

Edie Sherman

“…gorgeous campsites close to the beach!”

Your service is just so effective I already booked more than enough camping vacations, and with gorgeous campsites close to the beach!

It's my second year using your service and it's just so awesome I don't think I'll ever bother trying to book campsites early (the conventional way) ever again.

Thank you, and please don't ever go out of business, or else I won't be able to go camping ;)

Lorrie Boisvert

“…you’ve done a good job with it.”

It was awesome, I used it to get what I wanted and when I know what my plans are for the rest of the summer, I will use it again….

Very easy to use, you’ve done a good job with it.

Tracy Butler

“…too great”

The service was great, too great. I got all the campsites I needed for the next six months. I will be rejoining at that time.


“We will be back next year!”

Your service was awesome! We got all the campsites we needed for this year!

So very happy with your service we have told several of our family members and friends 😊.

We will be back next year! Thanks again love Campnab!

Dawn Chevrier

“…worth every penny!”

This is worth every penny! I heard employees at Glacier scoffing at it last summer but after struggling to get sites at Glacier and Zions for our trips this year I searched until I found the site that they were talking about. Within a few days I had 2 camp sites in Zions and it took 3 weeks for me to nab a site on my favorite loop at my favorite campground in Glacier for enough nights so we weren't moving from site to site every day. I really don't want the word to spread to far about this site for purely selfish reasons....because then everyone will use it and it'll be harder for me to get a campsite again 🤣 The only downside of campnab is I wish I had the option to turn off alerts at night while I was sleeping but there weren't to many crazy people cancelling their sites in the middle of the night.

Joy Murri

“I will definitely use the site again…”

Campnab worked great. It helped me successfully get a campsite for the weekend I was looking for. I won’t likely book another camping trip until next summer.

I will definitely use the site again in the future.

Brett Lettiere

“Worth every penny.”

I also want to say that I love your business. Last year I used it to snag a campsite at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton NP. Worth every penny.

Kathleen Phillips

“I was able to get those sites”

Campnab is great! I was trying to secure several highly coveted July campgrounds in Glacier National Park. With Campnab's notifications I was able to get those sites as soon as someonelse cancelled. I also subscribed to Wandering Labs for the same dates but Campnab was the one that came through for me. It also helped that I changed my message notification ring to something unique so I dropped everything I was doing to get on

Rosemary Flannery

“We are so grateful!!”

We had an AMAZING 8 day camping trip within Grand Canyon National park last May all thanks to Campnab :) Two beautiful camping spots made our trip incredible :) We are so grateful!!

Amy Barden

“…I am almost at capacity for this year”

I really like the service! In-fact I was notified of a campsite in Glacier National Park that was really hard to get for the July 4th weekend.

I had initially signed up monthly because I was anticipating more future booking, but realized that I am almost at capacity for this year. I will definitely come back as a repeat user though. Love the interface and meticulous details into listing permits/campsites across all NPs.


“It worked all three times.”

We just completed a 1 month RV trip that was nearly 6000 miles. I used Campnab 3 times when I could not get a reservation. It worked all three times.

You can expect that I will signup again, probably next spring for at least a few months.

Fred Jaquish

“But it really worked…”

Your service and customer service is awesome!! Any problem I have is usually my error, lol! But it really worked and as one of you guys said, as it gets closer to the date, something opens up!!

Sharon Deats

“…a really great product”

Your work is really amazing…

The site is great, easy to use, full of high tech little touches, really a work of art.

Thanks for providing a really great product.

Kevin Roczey

“I will be back…”

Campnab is the best!!! I only unsubscribed because it help achieve my goal of finding and securing RV sites in Zion and Bryce. I will be back when booking our next trip. I have also shared your website with friends after learning about it on a FB page I follow - “Trekking the National Parks”.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource

Judy Jackson

“So glad I found you!”

I’m a very satisfied customer. Thanks to you we got a campsite we wanted - almost immediately. You saved me time and agony and I’ll be signing up again in the fall for our winter excursions.

Such a smart business idea. So glad I found you!

Rebecca J.

“…an amazing product”

Thank you for creating CampNab, it is an amazing product. I was able to reserve campsites at all the national parks we are visiting in UT. For some of the parks the visitation increased by 200-300% in the last year and campsites were fully booked way into August. But we are still able to find something that fit our needs.

Rama Ghanta

“I'll be back”

You guys are fan-fucking-tastic!

I cancelled because your service is amazing and we booked our site hehe

I'll be back ;)

Gemini Carter

“Don’t want to tell too many people!”

For the first time in years we were able to find the sites we were hoping for all because of Campnab.

I got bookings on some of the most beautiful campgrounds/beaches in Ontario. Killbear, Killarney, Pinery, and Sandbanks.

The best part is we were able to book extra sites to share the adventure with friends.

Campnab has been an awesome experience and I will definitely recommend to “some” friends. Don’t want to tell too many people! :-)

Mel Z

“Works like a charm!”

Works like a charm! Have a great day

Butch Combs

“We will be using CampNab again…”

The App performed as designed. We needed to find spots in a couple of campgrounds in Southern CA with only 7-10 days notice. CampNab preformed beautifully for both the CA State Park and the National Park campground. We will be using CampNab again next season, for sure.

John McDermon

“What a huge bonus!”

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to let you know that we were able to grab a campsite at one of our favourite provincial parks…all because of Campnab!

Getting a reservation at a provincial park in Ontario is even more difficult this year. After continually losing out during the 7:00am booking madness, our window to get a spot at Driftwood PP eventually closed. We had read about your app, and figured why not give it a shot. Signed up for a monthly membership, created a couple of scans to make our arrival window as wide as possible, then waited. Knowing that sites might become available after the one month change freeze period, I kept my fingers crossed.

Sure enough, the wacky text tone I set up for Campnab went off yesterday afternoon, and I immediately knew to get it in gear. I scrambled to log in and successfully booked the site. What a huge bonus! I was quite impressed with how much info was in your text, I knew exactly what I was going after.

So a big thank you for your efforts in developing this very useful software program. I will certainly be telling this story to all my reservation frustrated camping friends.

Also enjoy the blog posts, the saga about the creation of the Campy font was funny and informative.

Keep up the great work, hope you get out camping as well, and stay safe in these bizarre Covid times.

Jim Gauvreau


I cancelled because it worked :) we got the site we had tried so hard to get for the week we wanted!! Incredible!

Bethany Howard

“I loooooove your service”

I loooooove your service. I live in jackson hole and recreate often but long-out planning tourists often nab the good sites and scoring a cancellation in the past was time consuming… until you came along. Thank you!!

Ashley Colgate

“I dont know how it worked…”

Woohooo! It worked. I just got a weekend at pismo beach because of Campnab. Thanks so much for doing you. I dont know how it worked, giving me a warning the night before that a site was going to be available at 8 am, but it did. Go, go, go!

Sydney Austin


This service is amazing! I just booked for Devils Garden Campground in Moab!! Thank you so much!!!!

Kionna Howell

“Nabbed my spot…”

Service worked perfectly!

Nabbed my spot and didn’t need it anymore (for now)

Zac Jackson

“Thank you so much for existing.”

Your service actually worked wonders! We were able to nab a site in Algonquin thanks to you. So happy about that! We will probably use your service again later this year. Thank you so much for existing. 👍👍

Patricia Stephan

“…the perfect site…”

I was able to secure the perfect site for my summer vacation.

The app was excellent.

Mark S.

“…it was truly AWESOME!”

Campnab worked AMAZINGLY well for us. We only had a short-term need for an upcoming trip to Utah's Mighty Five. Thanks to Campnab, we were able to secure reservations in all of our desired locations -- even despite our last-minute planning. We subscribed to the Awesome service and agree it was truly AWESOME! We will certainly subscribe again in the future should we plan another similar camping adventure -- this is our first campervan voyage and it may become a new travel preference. We have already recommended campnab to many friends and family. It works like a charm! Much obliged!

Kimberly Murphy

“Worked great.”

Worked great. I needed a site and found it.

Brad Demby

“…will surely use your service in the future.”

With the help of your website, I was able to get my hands on exactly the type of site I had my eyes on.

I’m a first time user and will surely use your service in the future. I have also referred your site to my camping friends!

Eloise Benoit

“I’ve told multiple people about it.”

Your service is fantastic! I’ve told multiple people about it. I just know I won’t be able to schedule any more camping trips until next year. I’m sure I’ll be back!

Meredith M.

“Summer Saved!”

We had reservations this summer for Yosemite Valley, but they were just cancelled by the Park Service. Huge bummer. We shifted gears and planned this last minute trip to Rocky Mountain National Park instead, it's also closer to home. And now we get to stay in the park!! Summer Saved!

Andrew P.

“Love it and will use again in a heartbeat…”

Worked absolutely amazing for us! We have a big summer national park trip coming up and initially got shut out of many essential campsites along the journey. It took a little time and patience, but through campnab, we got all the sites we needed as people cancelled. Best money spent to make this trip happen! Love it and will use again in a heartbeat if the need arises :)

Ben Platt

“…we got in!”

Your service works, last year we got into, Sequoia, Yosemite and Joshua Tree on short notice. Had to jump around some, site to site, but we got in!

Randall Shafer

“It’s crazy how good it works.”

I went camping as a kid and wanted to take my family camping at Donner Lake. Tried to find a campsite but couldn’t. Came across campnab and decided to try it. I had no idea if it would work but I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own. I paid for the service and put in my scan. After a few days and no notifications I figured I would start looking for other plans. Then I got a text that a campsite at Donner was available for my time. I clicked on the text which took me right to reservation screen and I secured the reservation. It’s crazy how good it works. I highly recommend it. Now let’s see if my kids will enjoy being without TV and internet!

Aida Mohsenin-Saffarian

“Super happy customer!!!!”

Scored a site for two nights for Zion NP during a sold-out spring break time. Super happy customer!!!!

Amy Sonnentag

“…exactly what we wanted…”

Your system was awesome. We just got exactly what we wanted because of you!!!

Sharon Hickox

“…my husband is suggesting I slow down…”

I love your site and have told so many people about it that my husband is suggesting I slow down as he doesn’t want everyone to know and compete.

We bought an RV in late November and wanted to spend January-March in Florida. Ha! Virtual no space available.

You have helped us reserve 5 nights in Key Largo, a week on Amelia Island and the list goes on. You have saved us from three months in Walmart and Cracker Barrel parking lots and the savings getting us into public parks and not expensive KOAs et al have easily paid for your service.

It’s been a great trip with more great places to come. Thank you. We’ll be signed up again when we start to plan our next trip.

Kathleen Wagner

“I love the service”

Everything is great, I love the service. I was actually able to luck out and get a site in Glacier on the day when reservations opened. God Bless both of you Eric’s and thank you so much for your service. It’s an amazing idea.

Darrell B.

“I'm all booked for the summer”

It worked great! I got two separate reservations at Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains, and one at a state park in Michigan. So it was definitely worth it, and I'm all booked for the summer.

James Archer

“It succeeded…”

I just canceled the membership because it succeeded so well. I was able to book a week at a campground in Glacier National Park. Pretty much like winning the lottery! I am super thankful for CampNab's help, and I just recommended it to my friends.

Jamie L.

(Video) Why The Dyrt is The #1 Camping App


Hello from sunny Florida! I just wanted to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU!

I work at a school here in North Florida and caught the camping bug in the darkest days of the early pandemic.

Apparently, everyone else in the Southeast did as well because even now it is nearly impossible to find a campsite in the state of Florida unless you are incredibly lucky and just trip over it.

I found this website today and decided to give it a try. Low and behold, two hours after signing up for the monthly membership I got an alert. I now have a prime beachfront reservation at a very desirable state park, only two hours away from my house. INCREDIBLE.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy up there! Have a GREAT DAY!

Jessica Oyster

“I have all my trips planned out…”

I am absolutely hooked on Campnab and will now be using it for all of my reservations. The only reason I’m canceling it is because I have all of my trips planned out for 2022.

I had been trying the LONGEST time to get a spot at Kirk Creek Campground in Big Sur (like two computers open at the same time when spots got released at 7 am). I pretty much gave up and then read great things about your site. I put in the dates for that spot for a holiday weekend and two days later we got a hit! I couldn’t believe it!! I’ll definitely be back!

Justine Gentilini

“…we just got a five day stay…”

Just wanted to let you know that Campnab worked for us and we just got a five day stay at John Pennekamp state park starting February 15 through the 20th. I was afraid we weren’t going to find a spot at work for our calendar but we did. Thank you very much I’m sure we will use Campnab again very soon.🍷😎

Thomas Scott

“We will definitely be back…”

It was amazing! Got us everything we wanted FAST! We will definitely be back when we need the service again. Thanks!

Shannon W.

“We are so excited about this!!!”

We signed up for Campnab earlier this month hoping to "nab" a few Florida State Park campsites. Thanks to you, we did just that! In less than a week your site helps us fill our camping schedule! We are so excited about this!!! Thanks for the excellent, user-friendly site!

Sally Bethart

“That locked site feature is awesome!”

Scored a campsite on the beach on a July weekend in California! Do you know how hard that is? Thank you CampNab!! That locked site feature is awesome!

Judy Lloyd DeVine

“…stop and sign up now…”

If you are reading this review you NEED to sign up with Campnab RIGHT NOW! This website works extremely well! It is super user friendly and gets the job DONE!

My 3 friends and I started trying to get campsites at Colter Bay RV Campground on January 4,2022. We all woke up at 6:30 am grabbed our cup of coffee and logged into!

We were armed and ready yet no matter how fast we clicked the reserve button we could not reserve a spot! We were discouraged and gave up, reserved at Flagg and thought we were done!

Then someone recommended Campnab to me. I figured what the heck I have nothing to lose! I signed up for the $90 yearly subscription and NO LIE within an hour I had 1 site! The next day I got another site….. I missed 4 other opportunities as I was once I went to bed early and the other time I was working out and had my phone turned off.

Today, 1/24/22, a site I really wanted popped up and I got it!!! I can’t believe I wasted 15 days trying to get a campsite when Campnab is there to do the work for me!!!!

Like I said if you are reading this review, stop and sign up now, the money is well worth it, you’ll be glad you did!

Ailene Azzam

“…couldn't have done it without you!”

I love Campnab! My partner and I went on a 5 month road trip this year and used it obsessively. We camped at 17 national parks and couldn't have done it without you!

Ali Green

“Your service is so easy to use…”

I just signed up within the week for your service, and to be honest wasn't sure it would work out very well for me since I'm on the west coast of Florida. Boy was I wrong! Your service is so easy to use, and even though I thought I'd start with your base 10.00 a month plan, I've been able to "nab" two nice sites in two different campgrounds right away. You guys have done a great job!

John Rickerman

“…BOOM 6 nights in mid-May”

Just wanted to follow-up and praise your site again! As I mentioned below we unsubscribed for the winter. Last night I re-subscribed to try and grab a site in May-June for Yosemite this time for the entire family. Less than 24 hours later and BOOM 6 nights in mid-May. Your site is simply amazing and I will continue to share with all our friends! I’m going to remain subscribed and see if I can’t nab a site upgrade between now and then. Last time I was able to do this and got the perfect site!

James Guibara

“Love this app!!”

I am 2 for 2 in reserving weekends at Florida state parks when I know I would never be able to before during this time of year!

Thank you so much!!!

Linda Eroh

“Will definitely use again…”

I got so many notifications for cancellations that I was able to easily book my trip exactly the way I want it. Thank you so much for your help. Will definitely use again in the future.

Kendall Davis

“Definitely recommend!!”

Awesome concept! Has helped us nab a number of sites last minute. Definitely recommend!!

Nicole Mock

“Good idea and a very good app!”

I recommend this app to anyone that likes camping and will definitely use it in the future.

I was interested in camping in Canyonlands National Park, UT, but it was solid booked at least 6 months in advance. Though a bit skeptical at the beginning, I tried Campnab and now I have a reservation! The setup, login, setting up alarms in Campnab was very easy and straightforward. And a few weeks later I got a message about a cancellation.

Good idea and a very good app!

Luba Broitman

“…I had a beautiful full hook-up spot at San Elijo Beach.”

I learned about Campnab at the end of a 3 month trip and think it would have changed our whole summer had I know about it sooner! I spent hours over the summer trying to book campsites in busy areas - Campnab does all the work for you and lets you kick back relax. I have tried for years to book a beachfront campsite in San Diego with no luck and with in 5 days of signing up for Campnab I had a beautiful full hook-up spot at San Elijo Beach. It's easy to use and lets you pick very specific filters to make sure you get a spot that fits your needs.

Ali Hoeffer

“…I want to vote for you guys.”


A heartfelt thank you for your Campnab service! A+ idea. A+ execution.

Like a comment somewhere in your customer feedback section - I too was dubious about how efficiently this would work. I was up against a opening weekend reservation at one of the most sought-after campgrounds in the nation. And BAM! It happened only three weeks later. (I theorized that during the Thanksgiving holiday, someone would revise their plans over turkey and a date might open up! )

Everyone camps for a variety of reasons. Mine involves a remembrance of a 'run across the Grand Canyon' by my father decades ago that captivated my respect and imagination. Doing this in his memory, with my older daughter has been a three year effort now. Originally scheduled for 2020, then 2021, each of those efforts was delayed by our Covid nemesis. A spot at the GC North Rim Campground was the A+ plan for launching this adventure and my brawl on the internet for a reservation at the campground failed. Thank you Google for the search results! Thus, so far, 2022 looks to be a "Go!" This was the next to last piece of the logistic puzzle. My fitness will be the last piece to fall into place (fingers crossed/wink/#justdoit).

I signed up for the Awesome level scan on a monthly subscription basis anticipating that my scan, if it worked, could yield a site in a couple of months. Then I would cancel. My 'breakeven' was the price of a hotel nearly 100 miles away.

Well I came out WAY ahead. Yet in an ode to an economics teacher saying long ago, "the economy is consumers voting with dollars." ...I want to vote for you guys. I plan to keep my subscription going for a while longer and see if I can't invent another opportunity to use Campnab.

Job done well!

Jeff J.

“…it does pay off”

Great option if you really want to get a spot. For the really popular spots, you have to pay for the higher levels, but it does pay off. Yosemite spots have not escaped us for 3 years in a row because of Campnab!!!

Daniel Moor

“I can use it when I need it and not pay for months I don't.”

Quick and easy to set up and change scans, good pricing, and super results. I was able to nab spots in Arches, Dead Horse Point, Kodachrome, and North Rim, all places I'd been shut out of when planning my trip. This is a great service, and the month-to-month flexibility means I can use it when I need it and not pay for months I don't.

Annie Wynn

“ worked!”

Great service, reasonably priced, met our needs and most worked!

Greg Schultz

“I can’t recommend them enough!”

Campnab services are long overdue and I can’t recommend them enough! When others had to give up on trying to find a camping site, we could rely on campnab to help us get camping at our favorite campgrounds. Nearly all of our favorite campgrounds are included and many are being added. You receive a text message when a site is available and have to act fast but I’ve never missed getting an available site after being notified by Campnab - it’s much quicker than the actual campground notifications! Highly recommend!!

Bonnie Reimann

“…and be ready to pounce!”

We found your service extremely useful and it helped us get a better campsite during the busy August camping month. I can see the value in it for us as we don’t really like to plan months in advance, so most reservation system don’t really work for us. This way we can pick a general area, select our desired campgrounds, decide on a timeframe, set our Campnap notifications, and be ready to pounce!

Love the technology and how you have kept it simple - you don’t make the reservation you simply alert us that a spot is open and you let us visit the campsite to take care of business. Plus, I really like how you have managed to tap into several reservation systems in Canada and the US - it feels like this will work for most places we will want to camp!

Krista de Goede

“Campnab found me many primo spots…”

In this very hot market a great campsite is hard to get! Once I heard about Campnab, I let it search for them and swapped out so-so sites when alerted. Reasonably-priced, easy to use, and effective, Campnab found me many primo spots this year, including an astounding waterfront spot on Lake Superior. Will be relying on it once we hit the road again!

Lynn Abbey

“Campnab has come through…”

Campnab has come through time and time again for us. Great service and great UI.

Robert Templeman

“Campnab service is excellent”

Campnab service is excellent. It found me an improved campsite so I could stay with my friends this past summer.

Paul Vittorino

“Highly recommend for any avid campers or RVers…”

Campnab is awesome! I’ve gotten great cancelations, even in Big Sur during peak summer season, when sites are booked months in advance. Highly recommend for any avid campers or RVers - especially for high demand areas like Big Sur, Tahoe and Yosemite!

Catherine Aisbitt

“Campnab has helped me swoop in on cancellations”

Campnab is fantastic. We recently got an RV and with the popularity of camping during the pandemic, it can be hard to get spots on the weekends. Campnab has helped me swoop in on cancellations. I also like to keep alerts on after to see is a more desirable spot (like closer to water) opens up. It is easy to set up and manage alerts. I’ve told friends who camp and travel and they’ve subscribed and love it too.

Katarina Colic McGuigan

“Campnab helps level the playing field…”

Campnab helps level the playing field — it gives us ALL a chance to nab sites in those special places. It's so easy — I love that there's no need to download an app, or remember your login! You use your mobile # to login to the website and you are notified via text when your site becomes available — most times with the actual link to grab your site provided right there in the text message! I share the good word about this service with every camper I meet. Let's keep this service going!

Rachel Byland

“I'll be using this site in the future for sure.”

This service really works! I needed a site for the weekend in a very popular state park just outside Denver. The kind of place where you have to get reservations months in advance. Well, after our four night stay mid week, we decided we'd like to stay for the weekend. There were no spots open on the campground's website. Using Campnab we were able to quickly reserve a spot for Friday/Saturday nights on a Thursday! I'll be using this site in the future for sure.

Randall Wallace

“It got me the perfect places!”

In Colorado, even pre Pandemic it's hard to find a campsite that isn't 3-6 hours away. Going for a weekend is impossible…until I found Campnap. It got me the perfect places!

Ann H

“I would absolutely use Campnab again…”

I recently went on a cross-country camping trip and, because I didn’t book everything 6-12 months in advance, the National Parks and State Parks I wanted to stay at were all sold out. I used Campnab extensively to get notified of cancellations and was able to get a reservation at nearly every park that I wanted. I would absolutely use Campnab again, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for reservations at hard-to-get parks.

Kimberly Boneham

“…it’s a complete no brainer”

As an RV service business in the Okanagan (Happy Campers RV Service) we recommend the site daily. It’s personally got my family into every campsite we requested this year and for the cost it’s a complete no brainer. The owners sound like great people and after talking to them personally it’s nice to see excellent customer service is at the forefront of there business model. Easy to use site as well. Thanks Eric! We look forward to booking many more trips with you next year! 🏕

Terry Laurin

“Worth the small fee”

I have been using campnab for 2 years. Getting a site in CA beaches and popular areas is impossible otherwise. Worth the small fee. Only this week I got 3 alerts for beach camping :) sign up you won’t regret it! HAPPY CAMPING!

Dorothy A Ericsson

“Saved us on many occasion…”

Brilliant app and service! Saved us on many occasion particularly at sites like Yosemite and various BC spots that get booked up so quickly!

Rosanna King

“I'll just spin up a Campnab.”

I was a real dope this year.

Fall break for the kids is when we always do a final camping trip for the year. Before it gets too cold.

This year it was my turn to plan it...and I totally forgot.

We hadn't hit up Yosemite as a family yet and we had previously been talking about how it'd be a great end-of-the-season, last tent camping hurrah!

I also knew, this late in the game, it was going to be totally booked.

I was afraid to tell my wife that we were probably going to have to settle for a local pumpkin patch and backyard tent camping instead of El Capitan and Half Dome this year.

Over some backyard, late-night beers I was lamenting to my friend Joel about how I blew it (everyone needs a Joel in their life). He told me about Campnab and that he had snagged a spot at the coveted Upper Pines in Yosemite literally a week before he had wanted to go a few months back.

Seemed like a long-shot...but a shot worth taking? Maybe.

I checked out the site.
Didn't sign up.
Told my wife I blew it.
Slept on the couch.
Dragged my feet for a week.
Got in another fight with my wife about my negligence.
Slept on the couch.
Got back on the site and decided...

...for $30 it was worth a try. Assuming it actually worked it would be a small tax to pay for my poor planning skills. If it didn't work I could always bad mouth it to my friends and leave a scathing review.

But, you know what? It freaking worked! For reals.

The first week I signed up I started getting text alerts that easily linked me directly to the booking page for the open site. No scrambling to find it in a panic.

WARNING! You DO have to move quickly. I literally missed like 15 alerts over the weeks. But, as our target week drew nearer the cancellations started pouring in and I got one!

I actually got one!

I'm off the couch now.

At this point I may never stay up til midnight again refreshing campsites over and over until the clock turns 12 just to book my favorite spot 6 months out.

I'll just spin up a Campnab.

Joseph Freeman


Camping in my area is.. impossible. Sites get booked the morning they become available. It's insane. I was feeling sad about not being able to enjoy the great outdoors. BUT thanks to Campnab I was able to go camping multiple times this season. Plus, customer support is great. Thanks Campnab!

Phil Smith

“Highly recommended”

They helped me many times to find campsites when I was devastated. They provide what they promise at the highest standard. Highly recommended.

Rad Haghi

“Great Job!!”

I heard about this site through a friend and decided to give it a try. The site met and exceeded my expectations. I received exactly what the the site said they would deliver!!! The site is very user friendly (I'm not tech savy) and I was able to book a camp site during each time period I specified. I have referred this site to my friends. I love that it is owned and managed by local residents in the Lower Mainland who are avid campers and understand what we want and need. Great job, all round!!!

Lynda Quan

“…the best accessory in our camping gear”

I’m torn giving a recommendation for Campnab. Because in this time of staying away from others. It seemed that everyone thought that camping was the last, best recreational thing to do. This made it harder than ever to get spots where I am and CAMPNAB became this superpower I could tap into to find that spot when everyone said it was unavailable on the days we wanted to go. CAMPNAB, has been the best accessory in our camping gear for the last two years

Eli Humen

“What a great tool…”

What a great tool to use when trying to get a camp spot in any highly desirable areas.

Joe Hartman

“I think this service is great for the parks as well.”

we used campnab alot this year. since discovering the service in June we've been able to stay in really high demand areas near Vancouver and also quite far away. really helped to combat the crazy BC parks booking system where it seemed like people just book everything 2 months in advance. I think this service is great for the parks as well. it certainly helps get them at max capacity. the amenities and maintenance required to operate a park comes at a cost. I also like the way the notification comes and you know you're competing with others to win the camp site......maybe that's just me though

Darren Saunders

“This service works!”

Really love campnab! This service works! Super easy to use and affordable. Yes you can afford it! Highly recommended!

Cara Bonnell

“Unbelievably helpful!”

Unbelievably helpful! Used this to get last minute spots in Yellowstone and Yosemite...and there were OPTIONS. I was getting about 1-5 alerts a day in the days leading up to my trip. Highly recommend!

Alexandra Muckle

“Simply put: brilliant!”

Campnab has been my go-to the last several summers when making reservations to camp at National Parks like Sequoia. Typically, one's gotta be on the computer exactly 6 months in advance of the future start date of a camping excursion, at 12:01am, to try to grab a campsite. Campnab makes all that unnecessary, and does so with an intuitive interface and reasonable membership/subscription fees. You get a text when a reservation matching your parameters opens up, click the link within the text to learn more, and decide whether or not to book. It's so awesome that I've "passed" on certain specific campsite openings that work with my planned dates, knowing it likely that something better would open up and I'd be notified. Simply put: brilliant!

Dave Sparling

“…and that's exactly what it was... Awesome!”

Campnab MADE our trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. All the sites were taken within an hour of being made available, and we were devastated. We signed up for the AWESOME package, and that's exactly what it was... Awesome! Not only did we get a camp site across from the dunes, we got the PERFECT site with gorgeous views we'll remember for a lifetime. I will always use Campnab any time I need a site somewhere that's all booked up. (Note: I received 17 texts of sites that had become available. People book far in advance and plans change. Get Campnab!)

Alycia Conrad

“Highly recommend and the customer service was fantastic”

Great experience using this app. Helped us book the site we wanted for our summer camping trip in Ontario. Highly recommend and the customer service was fantastic.

Ashley O'Donnell-Webster

“I love this service”

I love this service. Campsites at National Parks are hard to come by, but not with Campnab, which notifies you as soon as one comes available.

Tim O'Reilly

“I love this product!”

I love this product! My new camper purchase was delayed due to supply chain issues. I had to cancel all of my camping trips. Once I finally accepted delivery of my new camper, I quickly found that every campsite I was interested in was booked every weekend until the end of the season. This app changed everything. I went from no availability to being able to camp every weekend!

Jeffrey Byrns

“Great service”

Great service. Campnab was helpful getting a last minute site for a family trip.

Susan Parker Gibney

“Excellent service for the price”

Takes the pain out of trying to snag that elusive campsite at your favourite (and everyone else's) site, especially National Parks when the openings become available so rarely. Excellent service for the price.

Carol Megas

“Just make sure to keep your phone ready to receive text notifications…”

This is a great way to nab a campground even during the busy season! They do the legwork for you, by constantly checking for cancellations. Just make sure to keep your phone ready to receive text notifications from them at all times so you can NAB that perfect site! The customer service is excellent as well. Thanks, Campnab!

Martha Graham-Waldon

“Highly recommended and we will use again”

Fantastic service at a reasonable price. We managed to snag three or four (very popular) sites at the last minute this summer, thanks to Campnab. Highly recommended and we will use again.

Daniel McLeod

“They made me look like a star!”

We love CampNab. I was super behind in planning this year and about a month before we were to head out on a 4 week trip I figured I better get on it. Luckily I found CampNab. Through them we were able to get all the campgrounds we wanted, even hard to book places like Grand Teton National Park and Glacier NP. It is an amazing service and I would recommend it to anyone. They made me look like a star!

Michelle Thornton

“…it’s an absolute game-changer”

Excellent platform to book your camping spots! I’m somewhat last minute and cannot get it together to remember to book places weeks/months in advance. I heard about campnab from a friend and it’s an absolute game-changer. I highly recommend, and look forward to using again!

Lynsey Hibbert

“It’s worth every penny!”

I tell everyone I know about your service. It’s enabled me to stay in Yosemite valley, and most recently the watchman campground in Zion. I couldn’t have stayed there but for your service. It’s worth every penny!

Joel DeConcini

“…the app is super easy to use”

Very happy with CampNab's service. Customer service is exceptional and the app is super easy to use - you can even choose what sites you want! Sadly, we didn't get lucky with a campsite this year, but the park we wanted is a popular one and we knew it would be a long shot. The money was well spent for at least a shot at it though, and we'll definitely try again next year. Thanks again!

Susan Browne

“I received daily alerts…”

This service is awesome and the only way we were able to get sites this year. I received daily alerts for spots that opened up. Awesome!

Sally Strange Vanderwal


SO WORTH IT. Got near-daily availability alerts for a month, and because of The Erics, we were able to reserve our favorite spot. Customer service is excellent, and the plans (or pay-per-use) options are tiered perfectly. THANK YOU!

Hilary Ann

“Would have been soooo stressful to do this kind of trip last minute without Campnab.”

We've just had a two weeks of camping in Washington State thanks to campnab. We booked our vacation time last minute and I honestly thought we'd be camping one night and finding a motel for the rest! A friend recommended Campnab and we found 5 nights on Orcas Island (a couple of different sites, but one of them was a site that never looks available when booking in advance). We then travelled onto the Olympic Peninsula, camped by the ocean and camped and hiked at Mount Rainier. We set out with most days booked, but also chopped and changed as we were on the road, using Campnab. Would have been soooo stressful to do this kind of trip last minute without Campnab. We've recommended you to many camping friends (including new friends made on campgrounds). Thanks again!

Helen Ingham

“…within short order we had camp sites at all three parks…”

We took a cross country national park road trip this summer and we were in despair because all campgrounds were booked at Glacier, Grand Teton, and Rainier. Stumbled across Campnab and within short order we had camp sites at all three parks, including the very hard to get Many Glacier campground! Highly recommend Campnab, its an absolute vacation saver!

John Wilson

“We had a great trip, thanks in large part to campnab.”

Strongly recommend Campnab! I used it this summer, and got campsites at every national park I tried, including Yosemite, Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon. We had a great trip, thanks in large part to campnab.

Karen Scharff

“I had the best campsite and all of Colorado!”

The service is amazing! It helped me snag the perfect spot for my summer trip to Crested Butte. I had the best campsite and all of Colorado! I wouldn’t hesitate using it again!

Emily Higinbotham

“…the only reason we got a spot this year”

This app is awesome! Honestly the only reason we got a spot this year. Easy to use and good value. Highly recommended 👏

Elena Ballam

“Great service”

Great service. Used to to reserve a last minute hard to get camp site.

April Nix

“Excellent service!!”

Almost all of our camping this season was because of Campnab. Excellent service!! Well done you guys :)

Michelle Dawn

“It works!”

We were able to book campsites in Yosemite twice over the summer using Campnab. It works! You have to be pretty quick to make the reservations once you've gotten an alert that there is an available site - but, at least for Yosemite, the alerts came frequently enough that we were able to get in for the dates we wanted without a problem.

Mollie Jones

“Excellent service to find available campsites…”

Excellent service to find available campsites when everything seems sold out!

Nadav Samet

“They helped me to get some really great spots relatively last-minute.”

This service is really great, especially In the Bay Area where every good campground seems to be fully booked in perpetuity. They helped me to get some really great spots relatively last-minute. FYI if you're trying find a spot at Yosemite, it's still going to be a challenge. Every other place I scanned for was a breeze, though.

Bobby Ditta

“This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime!”

When COVID came to town, it was almost impossible to book a string of consecutive days to camp at the state park of our choice in Colorado. I tried Campnab on a whim, but never expected it to work for me. But within 48 hours, Campnab texted me that someone had canceled an existing reservation at my campground of choice! Campnab held the spot for me automatically, for 15 minutes. This gave me the time I needed to complete the reservation. We booked 9 continuous nights at St. Vrain State Park in Colorado, with only 48 hours notice. This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime! Thank you Campnab!!

Roberta Goode

“Will use it for years to come!”

Great written program! Scored the perfect camp site! Will use it for years to come!

Daniel Brozovich

“Campnab is easily one of the best finds I had in 2021!”

Campnab is easily one of the best finds I had in 2021! I have been trying to snag campsites on my own for Yosemite Valley and Big Sur for some time now, with every attempt failing...until this year. Campnab helped me secure top campgrounds in Yosemite Valley 2x during peak summer months, and Big Sur. If you know me, you know I don't shut up about how great this service is. 10/10 recommend!

Nick Corbett

“What a great idea!”

We are new to campnab but heard good things about it. We figured we needed extra help finding campsites due to the popularity of camping during covid. It worked for us and we will definitely use the service again next season. What a great idea!

Susan Marino Simpson

“Campnab does it again!!!!!”

This morning, as per my typical morning from 8am 'til 9am, I sign on to Reserve Ca, then refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refesh. Frustrated, I stopped looking for about 5 minutes, and guess what? Campnab does it again!!!!! I recieved a text that the days I wanted were now available and I GOT THEM! Woo Hoo!
Headed back to Seacliff State Beach!! So happy with this service. Thank you, Campnab, for "refreshing" for me, when I just can't do it anymore❤❤

Teresa Junco

“High 5!”

Campnab helped me score a nice variety of campsites that were hard to get. I love it because my job doesn’t allow me to be sitting by a computer all day to check if sites are open. The app was EASY, customer service was EXCELLENT. I’d definitely recommend it, and I will be using in the future. Thank you Campnab! High 5!

Tara Spaschwa

“It is amazing and super easy to use!”

We love CampNab! It is amazing and super easy to use! I highly recommend anyone looking to find a great campsite wherever you are or wherever you want to be, this is the service for you!

Mitch Rowley

“…sooo helpful!!”

We have been traveling since January and we have been fortunate to nab some incredible state & federal campgrounds using campnab. Spending all March during Springbreaks in FL and being able to nab Anastasia, Blue Springs, Silver Springs & Collier Seminole in FL. Nabed Blackwoods campground in Acadia NP, Gros Ventre & Colter Bay in Grand Tetons NP, mammoth campground in Yellowstone NP. This website has been sooo helpful!!

Cindy Miller

“…thank you Campnab!!!”

Helped us snag spots at three of our favorite state parks, thank you Campnab!!!

Sarah Alexander

“Campnab helped me "nab" a site for Cultus Lake…”

Busy Cultus Lake Site Win: Campnab helped me "nab" a site for Cultus Lake (British Columbia, Canada) in the busiest part of the summer. I actually got notified about 5 different sites that became available in the 2.5 weeks I had to find a spot. Luckily for me, I was able to grab the first one of five!

Christina Keller

“Campnab is the real deal.”

Campnab is the real deal. It basically saved our COVID summer by finding sites that I would have missed otherwise. Also great, responsive, service.

Dale Yocum

“Absolutely worth the subscription!”

Helped us snag a spot at Colter Bay in Grand Teton over 4th of July weekend! Absolutely worth the subscription!

Mary Jacqueline Atkinson

“This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime!”

When COVID came to town, it was almost impossible to book a string of consecutive days to camp at the state park of our choice in Colorado. I tried Campnab on a whim, but never expected it to work for me. But within 48 hours, Campnab texted me that someone had canceled an existing reservation at my campground of choice! Campnab held the spot for me automatically, for 15 minutes. This gave me the time I needed to complete the reservation. We booked 9 continuous nights at St. Vrain State Park in Colorado, with only 48 hours notice. This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime! Thank you Campnab!!

Roberta Goode

“We were able to get campground spots at Rocky Mountain NP…”

Thanks to Campnab, we were able to get campground spots at Rocky Mountain NP & Great Sand Dunes NP between 2 months and 1 week out! They also helped us get sites at a couple Colorado state parks that were already booked up when I first checked. We had so much other planning & prep work to do for the trip that it was great to know Campnab was working for us. We'll definitely use them again in the future!

Jenn Marks

“I used Campnab to secure three different sites.”

If you love camping, use Campnab! Camp sites always get booked early, but Campnab watches for those last minute cancellations. I've gotten prime sites days before a long weekend. Crazy? Oh yes!

This summer I used Campnab to secure three different sites. It's a great service.

Matt Williams

“exactly what I need…”

This service does it exactly what I need it to do, and every time I use it, I get a great site, exactly where I need.

Leah G.

“Well worth the money!”

Wouldn’t have made the drive to The Kootenays if it wasn’t for Campnab notifying me of available spots. Well worth the money!

Karen Light

“I would not be camping this month without it....”

Campnab was very successful with assisting me to get the campsites, at the campgrounds on the weekends I wanted this summer. I thought the app was great, and have highly recommended it to my friends. I would not be camping this month without it.... thanks so much!

Lisa Good

“Absolutely unbelievable…”

100% recommend Campnab. By the time we got around to thinking about a trip to Yosemite it was a couple months before and every single site was completely booked. Through Campnab we were able to get an exact campground in the exact area of the park (in Yosemite !) For an entire week. Absolutely unbelievable and I am forever grateful to Campnab

Anna Malcolm

“Campnab really does help…”

Campnab really does help you to nab that spot!

Desiree White-Raagner

“You won't regret it…”

I would have never been able to get into the campsite I wanted this year without this app. I highly recommend your buying this app if you are trying to find a way to camp but didn't know 6 months ago when everyone else booked. It's an amazing service! You won't regret it, I promise.🙂

Christy Root

“The only way ive found to get a reservation”

Found this site two summers ago and it is a gem. I have used it for two summers now to get campsites that would be impossible to get otherwise. Worth every penny. Make sure you are prepared when they text you a site because people are fast at booking. If that website needs a login, make one first so that you can speed through checkout. I think to date, I have only missed one out of like 10-12 camp trips due to not getting a camp spot. Customer service is amazing to if you have questions.

Samuel Gold

“This is great service”

This is great service. I signed up and was able to a campsite with no problem. It was easy to sign up and very easy to cancel when I was done booking my camping for the summer! I recommend this service🙂

Erin McGinley Taylor

“All I can say it that it's really fantastic.”

Great! Alerts on cancelled reservations! On a recent trip to Yellowstone, my friend and I did a poor job of planning our stays. Everything was booked. I found CampNab. It allows you top setup scans where the app scans the places you want to reserved, and it sends you texts when it locates an opening. All I can say it that it's really fantastic. If you find yourself needing a camping spot that's reserved, get it! We got ours taken care of in less than a 24 hrs!

Kevin K.

“Bottom line...the service works.”

Most of us do not have the time or energy to sit on the computer looking for openings or cancellations. Campnab does it for you. Bottom line...the service works. Thanks guys.

Doug Glada

“We were very happy with the service…”

It's so competitive to reserve a campsite these days, but Campnab got us one for the weekend we wanted! We were very happy with the service and it was nice and easy to use.

Elke Latreille

“Definitely worth the money!”

This service was invaluable to plan our camping trip in July 2021! Ontario provincial parks were booked solid 5 months before the summer! With campnab alerts we were able to book 7 nights at 3 different parks! Definitely worth the money!

Tracey Robinson

“Worth every nickel”

Brilliant service that works exactly as advertised. Worth every nickel. Well done team!

Pete Bochenski

“Brilliant app!”

Forget the traditional way of booking campsites! CampNab found me 5 sites at otherwise sold out campgrounds in Ontario. Brilliant app!

Anna Kulaga Posch

“…money well spent!”

Campnab is the best thing that's happened to me as a camper! Why spend the countless hours checking/re-checking/re-re-checking all your favorite camp sites for openings when you can put Campnab on the job. I consider it a serious time saver, so money well spent!

Tara O'Neill Aronson

“Super useful website…”

Super useful website for grabbing last minute campsite availability. I will definitely keep using Campnab

Lindsay Recknell

“Such a fantastic service”

Thanks to Campnab, we scooped up campsites in Yosemite NP, Joshua Tree NP, Sequioa NP, and just returned from a group trip to Acadia NP - all this year! Such a fantastic service. Thank you!!

Kelly Marion

“Easy to use and very effective.”

Bridging a gap that is very well needed! Discover camping won’t even tell you when there are cancellations! Easy to use and very effective. We were able to book a campsite on a very busy long weekend because of campnab’s notifications.

The one part I don’t love is if a site doesn’t get scooped up right away you will continually get notifications for it. My settings are to scan every 15 mins and so sometimes I’ll get the same site notification text every 15mins. I feel like one notification for per campsite that opens is sufficient. Otherwise it’s a lot of texts that generally happen at 6 or 7am.

Otherwise very happy with it!

Haley Olsthoorn

“The Campnab service works amazingly well…”

The Campnab service works amazingly well and has never failed to get us in to a hard to book campground, or upgrade to a better/bigger site. My only hesitancy in telling everybody I know about Campnab is that it increases my competition!

Ryan David

“…I cannot say enough about Campnab!!”

Campnab has helped us book several sites. I never despair if I cannot find a site at our preferred park. I just enter the park info into Campnab and it ALWAYS finds us a site. We started full timing in June 2021 and Campnab is one of the best tools we’ve found!! Having a little flexibility helps a lot, as we have had to adjust to check in +/- a few days in either side, but I cannot say enough about Campnab!!

Chris Wik

“I couldn't be happier with the service”

I started using Campnab a couple months ago and I couldn't be happier with the service. I've been able to snag the best camp sites at hard to book campgrounds. If you ever have a problem, they have real humans on the other end happy to help you out however they can. 5-stars!

Brian Hartnack

“Got 2 premium spots…”

Totally worth it! Got 2 premium spots at silver strand beach a few days before check in. In 2 months time I received so many messages of availability definitely worth it.

Samantha Brown Prall

“This service works so great…”

This service works so great, was able to nab some highly coveted spots at peak times! Thank you so much!

Abby Wadley

“…got me into the sites I needed…”

Great product, does what it claims! Managed to get me in to all the sites I needed that it uses. The Text notifications were spot on, and got me into the sites I needed right away. Literally, without campnap I would have been struggling to get my grand tour of national parks planned, but with their product I was able to get in done and get what I needed scheduled for my family to have the memorable trip I was looking for.

My only complaint is that they don't have all the sites need. For instance, the main concession at Yellowstone, or the campground at Badlands. I hope they add those because then it would be AWESOME!

Jeff Abernathy

“…worth every penny”

We've used CampNab two years in a row with fantastic results! Snagged camping reservations in Sequoia and Yosemite (especially difficult this year) and the experience was worth every penny. We finally landed a third Yosemite night just a few days out--being VERY familiar with the app paid off. We'll use them again, I am certain!

Mary Humphrey

“Helped me get campsites two summers in a row…”

Had a great experience with campnab. Helped me get campsites two summers in a row, first in the Rockies and then at Canyonlands NP. Highly recommend!

Brian Vogt

“…worked amazingly!”

We used this for one short-notice trip and it worked amazingly!

Stefanie C. LeBlanc

“…so much easier!”

Love this app!! Makes those hard to get reservations so much easier!

Susan Heuser Muse

“Easy to use…”

Love, love, love Campnab! They have never failed to find me a site! Easy to use this service and very affordable. Customer service is excellent. 🙂

Teresa Beekman


If you like camping at bomb sites, and don't like to plan out 12 months in advance, USE THIS SERVICE!! Found a site at Yosemite, Big Sur, Voyagers AND Arcadia. Thanks for making our summer!!

Marcela Patricia

“I have been raving about Campnab to fellow campers and people I meet travelling.”

Wow..this site is great! I signed on for the $10 plan and had 3 specific sites we wanted…one was a highly competitive seat on the bus to Lake O’Hara which sold out for the season in minutes. Campnab was awesome. They sent me a text each time my selected campground ( and bus seat!) was available and I got every one of my selections. I have been raving about Campnab to fellow campers and people I meet travelling. Customer service is excellent too!

Linda Essak

“…take action and book immediately!”

Campnab works! I’ve been able to book several campsite reservations using their service. Sometimes I set it up to try for a better site in the park then what I already had booked. Tip - change your ringtone for the Campnab number to something unique so as soon as you hear that text, you take action and book immediately!

Camille Paulhus

“Great app!”

In January we planned on a March camping trip to Big Bend National Park. Every campsite was booked. But with Campnab I ended up with multiple choices for camping on our selected dates both in the National Park and in the nearby Big Bend State Park. Campnab made this happen. Great app!

Dennis S.

“this is a must app to have to secure those coveted campsites”

If you're a regular camper, or even if you're not, this is a must app to have to secure those coveted campsites. I started using it early this summer and it hasn't failed me to get me a spot I wanted yet (including the most difficult Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite)! It's amazing!

I've camped 5 times now using reservations "nabbed" on Campnab. The site is straightforward and easy to use. The subscription cost is well worth what it delivers for me. Kudos to the developer(s).

BJ Favaro Jr

“…give Campnab a try for your next adventures!”

Campnab has been one of our most useful tools for camping since we learned about it in March of this year, allowing us to scoop up other camper’s cancellations at some of the most difficult to reserve campsites across the US.

Campnab scored us about 10 Florida State Parks during the busy March season. We’ve also booked State and Federal parks in North and South Carolina, Maryland, South Dakota, Wyoming, and California from those wonderful text messages when Campnab alerts us a park we want has just become available. Some of the more difficult to reserve parks Campnab has helped us book include Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Assateague, and Anastasia.

If you’re frustrated trying to reserve a campsite because “all the best places are booked so far in advance”, give Campnab a try for your next adventures!

David Miller

“Rave to campnab”

Rave to campnab. Got the sites I wanted for 2 different weekends. Easy to use. Highly recommend

Simone Nordstrom

“I will definitely use this service again…”

I really like this service. It does the job well and it's well designed. What makes this service extra impressive is the high quality given the small team that run it. I will definitely use this service again the next time I can't get the booking I want.

Jason Voll

“…no site goes unused”

Perfect notification system because it grabs your attention wherever you are, giving you the heads up to run and grab a site! Ensures that more people have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful parks and no site goes unused.

Louise Gleeson

“…it has never failed me!!”

Campnab is an easy way to get those campsites that are hard to get! I have used campnab for two camping seasons and it has never failed me!! The website is extremely easy to navigate as well. Thank you to the Campnab inventors for creating this service for those of us who are frustrated when trying to reserve a campsite.

Barbara Mancell

“Eric and his team are really passionate folks…”

What a fantastic way to find campsites that are sold out and monitor them to see when they open up! Highly recommend this service. Eric and his team are really passionate folks, try the service and reach out to them if there are any questions!

Pankaj Luthra

“It is very helpful…”

I just wanted to say I love your service! I think we've found 4 hard to find sites from our scans this year so far. It is very helpful especially when everyone is getting more into camping.

I can only imagine how much work you've done to get all of these campgrounds in your database. Keep up the great work!

Tracy Heim

“It does what you would do…”

A super concept. It does what you would do: it checks to find sites available, sites that meet your requirements. It then tells you, it found one.

It is then up you to login, check to see if it's still available, then make the reservation.

Nothing bad, nothing nefarious, its not a bad robot that makes reservations, it just monitors availability on your behalf, just like you would do.... I have better things to do with my time.

It works, simple

Love it.

Denis Shelston

“What a great service”

With post covid rush to get camp sites, everything across the province is booked solid. Campnab allows you to let a program do the hunting for you. At 7am you get an alert, hop on the park site QUICKLY, book it and you're camping. AMAZING.. Works like a charm every time I use it.

Chris Mazurkiewicz

“Houdini Magic!”

We were able to get a prime spot; without any headache or hassle. I now use campnab as a “essential tool” to get rv spots. So easy & works great! Thx to both Eric’s for this ingenious website.

(Video) S05E02 Point Farms Provincial Park Review

Colin M.

“Fantastic business”

I was looking for a campsite at Glacier National on Labor Day weekend. Only 45 days notice to join on this trip last minute so it was a long shot. Within 3 days I snagged a reservation at the campground we wanted for our full stay. There is no way I would have gotten this reservation without Campnab. Fantastic business.

Lindsey Ennis

“…got the campsite we wanted!”

Thanks to Campnab, finally got the campsite we wanted!

Lesley Wheldrake

“Campnab is a wonderful service”

We were able to reserve 3 nights at Mammoth campground and 2 nights at Pebble Creek campground in Yellowstone this month. Campnab is a wonderful service. Thank you, guys!

Mike Boustead

“Will definitely use again”

This is a great service and easy to use. Found a campsite within weeks of setting up scan. Will definitely use again.

Payam Fouladianpour


Time to tell you how much your service helped us! We're first year RVers in Ontario, and of course, playing the lottery game with Provincial Park sites. We're headed to Northern Ontario for a month of camping, and as I built our trip, I had to take sites with no electrical hookup. Which sucks when you are also working remote and need the hydro for the cell booster, laptops, and coffee machine, not to mention A/C (so pampered!).

We bought a generator, and it won't go to waste, but with CampNab, I was able to rebook into hydro sites for our longest park stays, with your alerts, and avoid having to run it during the day so we could function. YES!

Thank you CampNab!!!

Caroline A. Robbins‎

“Our vacation is going to be amazing because of Campnab”

We had to change our Yosemite plans last minute which meant no campsites in the park at all. I heard about Campnab from a camping group and signed up. Within 10 days I had a reservation for Tuolumne Meadows for the days I needed. Decided to add on Pinnacles NP to our trip and of course the days needed were sold out. I added Pinnacles to the search queue and within a few days I then had those reservations. I then decided to add Big Sur and within 24 hours of adding that campground to the search I had an alert. Our vacation is going to be amazing because of Campnab. Definitely worth it for those last minute reservations.

Shelly Villa

“I got a Campnab notification and booked a site for our entire stay. WOW!”

My family is heading off on a grand adventure in a few weeks to Rocky Mountain National Park (and other areas). We had reservations in Estes Park, but really wanted to camp inside of RMNP. I Honestly, had no expectation your site would work in this situation. Too much demand and not enough time. I was wrong. Within a couple of days I got a Campnab notification and booked a site for our entire stay. WOW. I want to tell the world about you, but also want to keep it my own little secret. I know these results are highly uncommon, but lightning can strike when using Campnab. If it never works for us again, this one victory was worth every dollar and more.

Dave Hruby

“I know we will use it again…”

I cancelled the subscription because it worked so well. Because of your service, we were able to book a reservation at a campground inside Yellowstone National Park, which I didn’t think was going to be possible. I know we will use it again if we need another park reservation and we will certainly recommend it to others. It worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

Micah Mahjoubian

“I LOVED the service provided”

First of all, I LOVED the service provided. I decided to take an RV vacation with my family and was a little late to the reservation game. We actually are leaving in a couple of days, so we haven't travelled yet. But I started it out two months ago with fully booked camp sites...and now I am going on a 10 day trip with a reservation for each night! A few I had to go with campsites because of the location we were going to be in or the .gov campsite didn't do reservations. But Campnab got me 7 out of the 10 nights! (a KOA and Yellowstone Xanterra were the other three). I still have a few scans still going because I have been able to get a better site when it becomes available.

Jeff Neuman

“…and we booked them!”

Like so many others, I had my finger on the Reserve button the very second campsites opened up (Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah), and still couldn't get one. (#!*% bots!!!) I then subscribed to Campnab. Within 3 weeks, Campnab found a cancellation for the days we wanted and we booked them! I will most certainly be using Campnab for future trips!

David Johnson

“…get a campsite when all the campsites are full”

It is a great way to get a campsite when all the campsites are full. They notified me there was something available at 4 National Parks that had been totally booked.

Jessica Jordan

“For sure it wouldn't have happened without Campnab”

Just wanted to share that your platform pulled off a trip-saving catch for a camp site in Yosemite for my son and his friends. He only started the scans 4 days ago, and they leave on the 21st, so we were not sure this would really pan out. But he got a notification yesterday and snagged 3 more nights at Yosemite to complete the time they have for the trip. Really awesome this worked out and for sure it wouldn't have happened without Campnab, especially given how popular Yosemite is generally and even more this insane summer. Awesome tool you guys have made here!

Jason Nims

“super stoked”

just nabbed a site at Nairn that was full , super stoked .. thanks !!

Dianne Krause

“Campnab made it happen!!!”

Always tough to get campsites in Yosemite, Campnab made it happen!!! Thanks Erics!!!

Greg McCay

“I was able to get the very hard to get reservations…”

Campnab was easy to use, affordable, and I was able to get the very hard to get reservations I wanted.

Jennifer Mayfield Clark

“…worth every penny!”

Totally recommend! Was able to snag a campsite at our desired park within a couple of weeks of subscribing. SO MUCH EASIER than stalking discover camping every day and worth every penny!

Trina Forslund

“Campnab works!”

Campnab works! I got a site in a hyper competitive campground.

Gary Fluitt

“I highly recommend”

Campnab is a great tool. The first time I tried it, I got a site at the park I wanted. It is comforting to know I have Campnab as the summer looks to be challenging with the increased popularity of camping. The personal customer service in using the site (emailing with one of the Eric's), is as good as I could ask for. I highly recommend. Thanks guys.

Jenny Miller

“You can NAB a site in days!”

This is the best place to go for campsites, ESPECIALLY this year, following COVID.

You can NAB a site in days! Also, Eric and Eric are superstar straight up cool. They will chat with you for any questions!

Get a campsite, peeps, and do it through Campnab. I got mine 😁

Marie Adeline Stolzenburg

“Campnab was awesome…”

Campnab was awesome and helping us get a great spot at a busy campground on a long weekend!

Shawn Tripp

“Great service and execution”

Campnab saved the day. We needed to book campsites on varying dates from Grand Canyon to Grand Teton to Yosemite for a family road trip and though they were all originally sold out Campnab enabled us to easily nab cancelled sites. Great service and execution. Would highly recommend if you need help booking popular sites.

Justin Yi

“…we never missed an opportunity to grab a campsite”

We were late to finalize our camping itinerary and had missed the sign up window for sites in several popular national parks. We signed up for Campnab and in the space of a few weeks our itinerary was filled for the nights and locations we wanted! The process of signing up was very easy and the interface with phone notifications made it so we never missed an opportunity to grab a campsite. I will definitely use Campnab again when planning my next trip.

Hena Borneo

“Don't hesitate to use Campnab”

I thought this was too good to be true, but I was willing to give it a try after prematurely booking a camper van for 20 nights only to find out all the campsites were sold out.... WELL!!!! I am truly amazed. I have gotten sites at Zion, Yosemite, and Big Sur. Don't hesitate to use Campnab :)

Lindsey Anne

“Great way to get a site…”

Great way to get a site at that "in demand" campground!

Robert Schroeder

“I can camp spontaneously…”

I can camp spontaneously now which is so great, as campnab so far reliably finds campsites for within a week or two, very cool

Michael Allen

“…almost impossible without this service!”

We used Campnab to help us secure campsites in Utah during peak season. Campnab helped us secure three separate campsites which would have been almost impossible without this service!

Kyle Heffern

“…offers a great service…”

Easy to use website that offers a great service for those that have no time to monitor the campsites;)

Lucie Cermakova

“I've been very impressed”

My family has always struggled within planning 6 months+. To help solve this, I wrote my own software to check for open campsite reservations. My flaky, ugly solution quickly evolved into quite a maintenance chore. Then, I stumbled upon Campnab. I've been very impressed in my 2+ years as a customer with how reliable the system is and the variety of different reservation systems they support. I won't go back to building my own again - that's time better spent outdoors!

Derek Haynes

“I love your app”

Just want to let the Erics know that I love your app. I purchased a 1 year subscription when I retired in August 2020. I always have a search going as we are always packed and ready to go with very little notice. Porteau cove is favourite as we are Vancouverites and can be there in 30 minutes. Thank you for creating this app. When Covid restrictions ease up, we hopefully will be able to use it further away from home."

Josephine Jolliffe

“We are all set for summer now!”

Wow. Love this app - and customer service is top notch! Friendly, helpful and responsive! But most of all… Campnab does what it says. We are all set for summer now!

Janet Jade Curtis

“Super easy and very effective…”

Super easy and very effective to find camping availability during the crazy busy COVID summer of 2021. 👍

Roy Pereira

“See you again next year!”

Without this app, I would not have been able to get any camp sites this year. Thanks campnab! See you again next year!

Jean Jarick

“Well worth it!”

Campnab makes the almost impossible ... possible. We scored all our selected summer camp trips at the popular beaches in a fairly short time with their service. Well worth it! We will continue to use CAMPNAB for all our future state beach trips!

Sarah Villa

“…an invaluable resource to find campsites all year long”

We’ve been using Campnab for years and it’s been an invaluable resource to find campsites all year long. One of the best uses for the service is to keep an eye out for more desirable sites even when you’ve already booked one at a specific campground.

Adam Basaran

“…within a week my watch buzzed notifying me that our spot was available”

Campnab is awesome

We plugged in our dates for seacliff state beach and within a week my watch buzzed notifying me that our spot was available. I quickly logged in and got a spot at a location that I had been trying to secure for months.

Additionally, we have an RV rental business, MySuiteRV, and several of or customers have successfully used Campnab to secure those hard to secure spots for their trip.

Shelly Morales

“I will definitely use their service again…”

I've used Campnab twice to great results...first, to get a reservation for entrance into Yosemite (sold out due to the pandemic), and the second time to get shuttle reservations into Zion (also needed due to the pandemic). I couldn't believe how easy it was and how fast I was able to secure sold-out reservations. The second time I used it for Zion, I thought I made a mistake since the shuttle bus in Zion is free, and they only have a dollar transaction fee. I figured no one would actually cancel their unneeded shuttle pass since they wouldn't receive a refund. Amazingly, Campnab still delivered and the day before, someone relinquished their reservation, Campnab texted me an alert, and I was able to "nab" the shuttle reservations for the next day! It saved me from having to trek around Zion on foot, which was great since we were only there for a few days. I'd recommend the highest membership that scans every five minutes for more crowded/popular spots. Be ready with your phone or computer to get on and get the reservations, because once you get notified, they can disappear fast! I will definitely use their service again next time I need it. Also, their support team is great!

Grace Rowe

“We were able to snag a reservation at Yosemite…”

Finding camping sites in popular destinations is achievable with Campnab. We were able to snag a reservation at Yosemite to make our half dome sunset trip a reality!

Courtney Lenhart

“Campnab has never let me down”

Campnab has never let me down - absolutely saved my long weekend the last time I used it! And their customer service is phenomenal!

Amit Ruparel

“…helped us score some of the most sought after campsites in BC”

CAMPNAB has been a great option for people who cannot monitor campsites. CAMPNAB has great customer support and helped us score some of the most sought after campsites in BC. Thanks CAMPNAB!

Duane Kroeker

“We will absolutely use this again…”

Campnab has been amazing. One campground in the Adirondacks had everything we wanted but it was fully booked for the whole summer almost immediately. We signed up for Campnab and within a few days we had our choice of dozens of site in that campground. We were able to set up different searches for multiple weeks and for any site that we wanted. We will absolutely use this again a few times this summer.

Tom Hall

“Simple to use…”

Simple to use, good communication

Steve Dribble

“Highly recommend 🙌”

Super helpful service when you’re planning a pretty epic trip for your family during the busy season of summer. We were able to grab two very popular campsites within two different national parks using Campnab. Will definitely use again when we plan another trip. Highly recommend 🙌

Dawn Snodgrass

“This works…”

This works and Eric is awesome. Got me what I wanted in under a week.

Vic Ta

“…we were able to arrange our entire schedule in less than 30 days…”

I just wanted to tell you that your assistance in helping us to secure reservations at hard to get campgrounds for the upcoming winter season in Florida was fantastic. Thanks to you we were able to secure all of our desired bookings for next winter at the Campgrounds we wanted and, for the most part, at a totally acceptable booking date. Thanks to you we were able to arrange our entire schedule in less than 30 days after signing up for your service. We are so very pleased.

Rich McClerin

“…campnab does all the work”

Campnab has given me hours of my life back. More like days back! No more endless searching for a campsite on terrible websites with no availability. I would search for hours at a time and come up with nothing. Enter Campnab. I just type in when and where I want to camp and campnab does all the work. They send me a text when an opening comes up and I swoop in and nab it! We have stayed at the most amazing booked campsites because of this. Worth every penny! Such a happy camper now!

Kim Christensen

“works amazingly!”

works amazingly! was able to find available lots for all our trips this season.

Steve StDenis

“Well worth it!”

Got one month to Campnab for 10$. Got the spots we were looking for. They go quickly and I didn’t have time to check consistently. Well worth it! Glad I found Campnab! Customer service is also amazing! 🙌🏻

Patricia Legault

“Within 30 minutes, we had three nights at Anastasia”


My husband and I are new to RV camping, and I wondered how you got into the most sought-after campgrounds other than spending your life on the websites waiting for vacancies to magically appear. Last week we were camping in Savannah, Georgia before going to Saint Augustine for five nights. I desperately wanted to stay in Anastasia State Park, but when I tried to book, they were full for most of 2021. Some campers in Savannah had just gotten back from Anastasia, and they told us about Campnab. The next day I went to the website, keyed in possible dates, and waited to hear. Unfortunately, I noticed immediately that I had keyed in a wrong date, so I emailed you. You contacted me within minutes and helped me to correct my error. Within 30 minutes, we had three nights at Anastasia. It was so easy! I know that I will most likely get to visit those campgrounds that I thought I would never get to experience. Thank you so much for making this a great trip. You are the best, and you will hear from me again.

Jan Krell

“…the customer service is top notch”

As a brand sparkly new travel trailer owner I really appreciate the services Campnab offers. This is a genius idea!! Not to mention, the customer service is top notch. I mistakenly selected the wrong service on the website and didn’t realize my mistake until after I payed. One email and in less than 2 hours my charges were reversed and I was able to get going with the right options! Thanks again for quick help Campnab!!

Ali Tison

“Not only did we score a prime spot…”

Not only did we score a prime spot in peak season at the campsite we wanted because of campnab but the customer service is exceptional. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know who loves camping!!

Cindy Aliza Stein

“I will be a repeat customer”

We were able to get 3 different bookings through your app....I love it.

Great customer experience as well.

I had some technical difficulties and Eric at Campnab was instantly engaged in resolving my issue, he even called me to try and work through it. My issue was quickly resolved and that day I was alerted to an available site and was able to book it.

I tried countless times myself with ontario parks booking and had little success.

Campnab got me the sites I was looking for and I am happy, for 10 bucks a month you can't go wrong

I will be a repeat customer.

Jesse McCauley

“So I have a secret...CampNab.”

It's tough to get a campground nowadays in California, with even more people camping from COVID. So I have a secret...CampNab. You can put in your dates and the campgrounds you want, and they ping you when one is available. I have ALWAYS gotten a site, even for holiday weekends in the most popular parks. But two things: 1 You have to be patient and wait for cancellations, and 2. When they ping you, you must jump on immediately and grab that campsite. The price is definitely worth it for the great camping.

Judy Lloyd DeVine

“It's the most valuable camping gear I have!!”

We have been busy camping at beautiful waterfront locations all spring with Campnab's help. We are able to set alerts for cancelations at any location and date we want. I find the best results by setting alerts at least 2 weeks in advance. It's the most valuable camping gear I have!! Well worth the small service fee. The service is fast, friendly and they are a local GVRD company!

If you have trouble finding camp spots, you need to use campnab's service.

April Wilson

“I was able to find a campsite at a Florida park…”

Wonderful! I was able to find a campsite at a Florida park that had been booked every time I looked. Highly recommend as more campgrounds are getting harder and harder to find spots.

Jenifer Winn Bryant

“…works terrifically well!”

I kind of hesitate to recommend it as I am concerned more people using means more competing with me to get camp sites. But itself works terrifically well!

Minshu Mo

“…this will come in as a great tool!”

it’s pretty hard to get a camping spot at a lot of the campgrounds in CA, but campnab has been a great source for helping me find one in the last couple of years! I don’t think I am organized enough to schedule for months in advance and if you feel the same this will come in as a great tool!

Gur Ozbelge

“…it texts you and tells you to ‘get going’!”

In these unprecedented crazy times, good luck trying to get a campsite in Ontario. Campnab helped us to secure vacation spots for this summer! You still have to take your chance in actually making the booking, but it texts you and tells you to ‘get going’!

Lance Couri

“100% recommend”

Campnab saved our road trip! It was almost impossible to reserve campsites online. A friend told me about Campnab as a possible solution and it totally worked. Because of Campnab we booked campsites for 2 families at 6 campgrounds! I would 100% recommend using their service. Thanks Campnab!!!

Jena Leavoy

“Campnab is the best-hidden secret…”

Campnab is the best-hidden secret that I don't want anyone to know about....but rave about. We landed the best campsite at the beach at Curry Hammock State Park in The Keys just weeks before we left. We also snagged a site the day of. We were supposed to change sites but got notification from Campnab that our site became available so we didn't have to move our rig. Thank you guys so much!!!! Our most favorite family vacation so far. We will continue using this!!!!!!

Katy Carter

“…smooth and effortless…”

A great idea and a smooth and effortless platform. This is the real deal if you're itching for that perfect site. Excellent technical support, friendly guys, and an innovative idea. Thanks!

Clayton Dignard

“…worth every penny.”

Campnab saved my husband’s and my 40th anniversary trip to Glacier National Park. We are not novice campers and we understand the highly competitive rush to book sites, so we for 3days in a row we were both at our computers ready to pounce as the clock struck booking time. And each time we got the dreaded “that site has already been booked” message. All available sites were gone in less than 2 minutes. Then someone told us about Campnab. I signed up, listed the dates we wanted and sure enough, about a week later I got a notice that a site had become available. I didn’t see the notice in time so missed that chance, but a couple days later I got another one that I was lucky to see right away and was able to book. To cut to the chase- Campnab saved our trip! I’m guessing it wont be the first time. Their $20 fee for the booking was a significant addition to the camping fee, but worth every penny.

Kathleen Sears

“Straightforward service”

Straightforward service with flexible options. Staff are personable.

Ben Lake

“campnab has come to the rescue…”

Just want to say @campnab has come to the rescue for my fam’s summer camping adventures! #lakesuperior @OntarioParks

Amie Presley

“I wish I had known this earlier”

This is a very very useful search engine for national park campsite. It helped me three times to book what seems to be really difficult to get campgrounds in national park. I wish I had known this earlier. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to book campsite in highly demanded campgrounds.

Yungming Chiu

“Ultimately I tried CampNab and it is exactly what I need”

I have been very frustrated trying to book campsites at Ontario Parks. After failing numerous times I tried using free-trial technology to track changes to websites. This required a dedicated computer running 24/7. All of these methods failed to work well. And some were more expensive (after the free trial) to use than CampNab. Ultimately I tried CampNab and it is exactly what I need. Thanks for providing a great service at a reasonable price!

Robin Hewson

“Our kids were thrilled…”

our family has been going to the same provincial park for many years with friends but this year it has been especially difficult to book a campsite. thanks to campnab we were able to get notifications when sites became available and were able to book three campsites for our three families. thanks campnab for making it possible for our family tradition to continue. Our kids were thrilled when we told them we actually got a campsite...we couldn't have done it without campnab!!!

Mike Branderhorst

“…I was able to book the 3 weeks we desired”

Because of the particular circumstances this year has presented us I found it necessary to find an upper hand in the battle to obtain a desired campground site. In comes Campnab. Their services proved to be very helpful as I was able to book the 3 weeks we desired. Highly recommend Campnab. 5 out of 5 stars!

Marc Caron

“Brilliantly simple”

Very simple and very efficient. We are not panning things months in advance and finding a spot late in the game these days requires spending inordinate amount of time checking website with little results. Campnab just finds spots in campgrounds as soon as they are released, constantly monitoring for you. Brilliantly simple. Smart. In all likelihood, a win-win for campers and campsite operators!

Antoine Minois

“A Happy Camper”

I couldn’t find a place to give you a review on your dashboard so i'm doing it here. If I stop being lazy I’ll give you a review elsewhere. Anyhow! Great job on the app, it does exactly what you say it does, and it does it well. Great and simple idea. I don’t go camping often so I am guilty of just signing up for your membership until I got the campsite I wanted (which I did, Thank you very much) and then I canceled. I usually plan my trips on a moment's notice; so it generally meant camping was a bit difficult. However, you have given me hope, I may start camping more, and I will indeed use your site again.

Great job. Use this review anyway you like.

From: A Happy Camper.

Chris Riley

“I wanted to say how I love the program…”

So I signed up for your site to help find a campsite for this summer. I wasn't sure how the thing would work, if it would work- but I signed up. I created a scan. I forgot about it.

I have been so beyond frustrated trying to get a campsite for this summer in Ontario. Sitting at my computer, pressing "reserve" at 7am each morning. It's a mess booking and all camp sites seem to fill up within seconds of opening up.

But, just now in the middle of the morning, I just got a site, thanks to you tech savvy people. THANK YOU!

I wanted to say how I love the program, I want to tell everyone about it but then again, I want to tell no one! If everyone knows, then I won't be able to get a site for next year.

Marni B.

“I love when I see a good idea come to life and work well.”

We came across Campnab for an upcoming trip and I am telling you, I love when I see a good idea come to life and work well. We weren't getting results right away and the intro video said to reach out to have a quick check on how we set up our searches so I reached out. And I am so glad I did, I heard back promptly, given a few tips, made those adjustments and had great results. I think it's important to make sure they include the parks you are looking for before signing up as they don't have *every* park available. We will definitely be using this service again in the future!

Jill Vosberg

“10/10 recommend using CampNab”

We love CampNab's service! Whenever I'm planning our camping trips for the year, I signup for their $20 p/month membership and enter in the preferred dates for our favorite hard-to-reserve campgrounds. I keep several tabs open on my computer with the reservation software ready to go for each prospective campground. That way, when CampNab's notifications come in, I'm immediately ready to book. This part is key! We've managed to book some of the most popular sites in the continental US (sometimes only days or weeks in advance) with this service!!! Including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and San Elijo State Beach. 10/10 recommend using CampNab.

Mandy McGaugh

“Thumbs up!”

I like what Eric is doing with the app. It's smart, it works well and he takes user feedback seriously. We use it mostly in BC and after 2 months of use, I haven't found any downside to it. I've asked him for some features that would improve the user experience and he assured me they are on his radar. Thumbs up!

Yannis Fyssas

“You saved our family tradition Campnab!”

We tried for almost 3 weeks to get a few sites at our favorite park by going online at 7 am opening date. We had given up on our trip for this year but thanks to campnab we were able to get enough sites for everyone who wants to go a couple of weeks earlier than originally planned. YOU SAVED OUR FAMILY TRADITION CAMPNAB!

Ruth Brooks

“If they had star rating I would give them a 10!”

Had never heard of Campnab till watching a utube video of the odd couple and they mention the site. We were planning a trip that included a very popular state campground in Florida and they were booked solid. I was on the Reserve America website daily always disappointed. I went to Campnab and the site was so user friendly and the owners of site answered all my questions quickly. I decided to pay for a plan and have them start a scan for me. I joined on Feb 8 and by the 19 they sent me email that a site had opened up. I quickly went to RA and sure enough was able to book the one site available. If they had star rating I would give them a 10! I will not hesitate to use them again if needed.

Arleen Do Nascimento Cheetham

“The key is diligence”

I have used Campnab now for about eight months. Everyone told me I would not find availability at the premium locations I planned to attend unless I booked six months to a year out. I was able to score campsites at gamble Rogers state park, Bahia Honda State Park, John Pennekamp State Park, blue Springs State Park, virtually every single park that I tried to get into, whether it was a week, or days prior to my intended arrival, I was able to get in. Bahia Honda is notoriously difficult to get into, and I managed to stay there off and on, based on their regulations, for almost a month. The key is diligence. You need to be ready to respond immediately to their alert since you will not be the only one that has the app. I can tell you that without it, I would have been dead in the water and that applies as well today. I still use Campnab.

Ramona Cox

“It works - trust me!”

Everyone knows that among the most painful parts of car camping is simply getting a spot. Campnab transforms a once frustrating experience into a fun one. It works - trust me!

John Hogan

“…awesome service”

Because of your awesome service I am sitting in my Airstream in Bahia Honda right now. Thanks so much!

Lori Ann

“Worked perfectly…”

Was a bit skeptical at first but Campnab turned out to be an absolute savior for our trip!

We booked our trip last minute and were super disappointed to find that all the camp spots at Arches and Zion were fully booked.

Within hours of setting up an alert, I got a text message with a direct link to book a spot that had opened up at Devils Garden in Arches! Was magical! A day later we got notified of an opening at Watchman Campground in Zion. Worked perfectly and was well worth the $20 to save us from the stress of not having a place to stay!

Wisam Abdulla

“…there is hope!”

I have been using Campnab to get notifications on open sites for the past two weeks and it has been INSANELY helpful. It's worth the extra $5 for it to scan every five minutes. I paid for the 20 minute scanner and there have been many times I'll get notified of a campground and it'll already be gone! But I just nabbed one for Upper Pines on Saturday so there is hope!

Reddit user

“Highly recommend!”

Campnab is such an awesome service! I was just able to score a couple nights in Yosemite during my travel time in a couple weeks because of them and I’m hoping to get even more nights as well - they also helped me score the day use passes I needed for our trip as well.

I had to contact them to change my settings a couple times and they were so helpful with that as well! Their customer service is excellent and the service is great of you are looking to book a campground that’s full! Highly recommend!

Marne Carmichael

“I now have 7 campsites to fit everybody”

Thank you Eric. I just wanted to share how grateful I am for this web app.

I had been planning a group campout in Tahoe for my young adult church group for the 4th of July weekend. I had reserved a spot 6 months ago. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago they refunded me because they were only going to be doing individual campsites when they reopened.

I started looking for other campgrounds and Fallen Leaf was the best option because it had the most walk on campsites. This last Sunday and I scouted the place out and found out that all those campsites were booked. Driving away, I picked up some backpackers that were needing a ride to their car. They told me about I had no idea what it was, but I was out of options. I signed up and within two days I now have 7 campsites to fit everybody.

Thank you so much.

Joseph C.

“I started recommending Campnab to my friends…”

My family and I tend to be last minute vacation planners and with Covid-19 in full effect, our options this year were limited. I did not think we stood a chance of finding a campsite, until I found Campnab. Within hours of signing up, I started getting alerts and was able to get the spots and dates I was looking for in some VERY popular campgrounds. I started recommending Campnab to my friends who also had a 100% success rate. A big thanks to Campnab!

Dusty C.

“It works like a charm”

I use the website campnab that checks Ontario Parks on scheduled loop, looking for those reservations that get cancelled. I've gotten spots in popular campsites on long weekends by doing this. It works like a charm.

Reddit user

“It's been really helpful”

Hey! I have also been trying to get a campsite in the valley and used Campnab to find a spot at Upper Pines this weekend. It's been really helpful - maybe it'll work for you too!

Reddit user

“Look into Campnab”

I would HIGHLY recommend trying to book something if you can. Look into Campnab. It helped me get five nights at Upper Pines after it was fully booked.

Reddit user

“We are so thrilled…”

Thank you Campnab. Literally one day after signing up for your service, my family nabbed a coveted spot at Lake Tahoe's Sugar Pine Point. We are so thrilled and excited.

Julia Drake

“This works!”

This works! We will be using it again! We used it for the first time a month ago and within 3 days we received a notification of a spot open for a state park we were trying to get into.

Christina Morrison Bayon

“You guys are rockin it.”

Yes I cried a little on my first reservation attempt, but I think I had seven more come up, before I selected one and hit the STOP. Three weeks later and 4 campsites nailed..... you guys are rockin it. We just got our new trailer and with ur help - we have been camping by the lake and kayaking / paddle boarding. Another trip this week with your help again. How fun / great job.

Mike O.

“Will continue to use it!”

This was a great service and allowed us to continue our camping into the recent months.

Nicole Wantling Allison

“We scored this site in Zion…”

Thank you CAMPNAB! We scored this site in Zion a couple weeks out. EVERYWHERE was sold out!

Nancy Spooner Bsharah

“Highly recommend”

We use Campnab all the time, and more often than not, it's able to find us spots at the sites we're interested in in always-booked-to-capacity British Columbia. Takes the panic and frustration out of camping reservations. Highly recommend.

Paul Shoebridge

“Almost wanted to give up”

Can’t say enough about your work, thanks for Campnab! It makes generational campers like us stay in the game after almost wanting to give up due to such poor campsite availability, if any at all at the good parks.

Dave V.

“Campnab is a lifesaver!”

Where I live, going the traditional route, sites are reserved as soon as the 6 month advance window opens up. Thanks to CampNab, I have now gotten 3 weekends booked at amazing sites and very little advance notice. Worth every penny. Thanks for making our camping season again!

Dan O.

“Thanks a ton!”

This absolutely worked although I was skeptical. Was able to get a site that literally brought my elderly parents to tears. Thanks a ton! I'm the favorite daughter!

Melissa P.

“This is a fantastic service”

Hoooray! I just got a site—Thanks Campnab! This is a fantastic service. Thank you for enabling a slightly less organized than I would like to be working mum to have a nice family weekend in the woods!

Jennifer W.

“…don’t tell anyone.”

Works great! We’ve used it a ton, don’t tell anyone.

Bryan Stephan

“It has saved my sanity”

We have had such a great experience with campnab! We first tried it when despite valiant efforts, we could not find a site for the times we needed. We tried campnab and got one everytime! So easy to use and well worth the small fee. It has saved my sanity and help us have some wonderful family camping trips. Thank-you, campnab!

Sharon Paterson

“beyond grateful!”

Your app helped my wife and I secure enough sites at Pinery Park this summer for the whole family to get their own site! (11 sites on a long weekend!) beyond grateful!

Brad de Vries

“Not really much more to ask for!”

Campnab is incredibly amazing. With covid, every campground around us is completely booked on weekends (even in the dead of winter). Enter campnab - an amazing service that has scored us 5 campsites in sold out California state parks over the last 3 months. During quarantine it’s been an incredible blessing to get out into nature and break away without being in close proximity to others. Campnab has an easy to use interface (you just set up alerts and it texts you when a campsite becomes available with a link to book it). Not really much more to ask for!

Tyler Brown

“And sometimes you’ll get REALLY lucky…”

Sounded too good to be true, but found out it isn't! Campnab has found a site for us every time we've asked. Even (or perhaps especially) in parks that are booked months out.

People's plans change unexpectedly, and Campnab is there checking the site when you have better things to do than keep clicking the "Refresh" button. It's a great tool for those who cannot book their plans 6 months in advance.

And sometimes you'll get REALLY lucky - in our case a lakeside site in a popular provincial park for five days on 72 hours notice.

Please don't tell anyone else about this service! 😉

Andrew Bates

“From a skeptic to a believer”

Thought you'd like to know I've gone from a skeptic to a believer. Just scored the site I was looking for that made me sign up. Will continue to use over the next year and I think this will be great once life returns to "normal" (whatever that means now).

Andrew B.

“Thank you!”

I admit that I was sceptical, but thanks to your service my friends and I nabbed a site at Cultus Lake for the BC long weekend. Thank you!

Jennifer L.

“Yay, It works!!!!”

So happy! We just nabbed a spot at a campground that is SO hard to get into! Yay, It works!!!! Thanks so much, Campnab😊

Teresa J

“You did an amazing job”

I just wanted to say I LOVE Campnab. You did an amazing job. Gives me hope that my summer is still possible!
THANK YOU on behalf of campers everywhere.

Anne M.

“Nice work Erics”

After successfully booking a backpacking trip in B.C. on a 4 month reservation window we wanted to follow up with 4 nights car camping in Mt. Rainier. But we had to settle for 1 night outside Rainier and a split reservation for the other 3 nights. So we tried campnab for the first time. 3 weeks later we got an 11 pm text message. A few minutes later we had all 4 nights in one site in the desired campground. Nice work Erics.

Mike R.

“We will be telling everyone about Campnab”

I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you to Campnab! This is an awesome site and we now have completed our campsite bookings at Zion NP and Yosemite Valley because of you and our holiday is now all organised. We will be telling everyone about Campnab.

Jude A.

“…you guys are great”

Hey, you guys are great. I was able to get a spot at Alice Lake for Victoria Day long weekend.

Phong T.

“Campnab has been awesome”

Campnab has been awesome. I got a site a few weeks after I signed up. And there have been more notices this week for other cancellations. The cancellations are really sporadic and I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to get one by simply manually checking every day.

Howard K.

“great experience”

It was a great experience. I got the spot I was looking for!

Cyndi C.

“Total score for me”

FYI-I signed up for The Awesome pkg last Sunday, April 7 at 9:30am and no kidding, I got a text 30 min later and was able to book May 19 at Lower Pines! Total score for me !😆!

Carrie J.

“AWESOME service”

Btw, thanks for your AWESOME service! :)

Arash T.

“I got the reservation”

Thanks Campnab! I got the reservation I was hoping for!!

Kate B.

“…completely exceeded my craziest expectation.”

So far, Campnab has completely exceeded my craziest expectation. We have more trips in Southern CA planned in the mountains and the beaches this summer than we have had in total for the last 4 summers added up. Campnab is the ONLY reason for this. This 3 scan plan is the best money I have ever spent!

Sean S.


If you want a spot at Golden Ears use I signed up and have been able to get a site every weekend so far this summer I wanted. It’s very big and someone is always cancelling for one reason or the other.

Reddit user

“Love this”

Just booked a fab site on a sold out weekend! Love this, and will definitely recommend @campnab to everyone!

Laurren P.

“We got our campsite!”

Eric, We got our campsite! You are racking up serious good karma with this app. All the best to your family, this summer!

Rupinder J.

“Total game changer”

We've booked 4 NorCal campsites at campgrounds that were booked solid through their entire available booking period with your tool and we've only been subscribed 2 months (trip 3 is next weekend). Total game changer. Thank you so much.

Tyler B.

“Awesome service...”

Awesome service to get reservations on full campsites!

Fletcher Smalzel


This app is amazing! It saved me so much time and sanity from constantly manually checking for cancellations. We were able to score spots at two separate campgrounds that are extremely difficult to get into unless planning 6-12 months in advance. I couldn’t believe it! Thanks, CampNab!

Mallory Bacon

“Huge shout-out to Campnab”

Huge shout-out to Campnab this morning! Campnab sends you a text message when availability for a campground opens up at a state or national park so you don't have to stress.

I was able to setup an alert for a campsite at Yosemite National Park, where availability is rare. I received 2 text messages this morning as was able to grab the reservations right away!


“You helped us pull off the impossible”

YOU ARE MY HEROES!! You helped us pull off the impossible (and saved our vacation)... passes to enter Yosemite. AND reservations at Bass Lake campground, not far from the park. We are essential workers; my husband is a family practitioner and I am his nurse. We did not once close the office due to Covid... our patients needed us too much. Thus, we had to cancel our planned vacation in April. We finally found a way to manage a few days off in September. We never thought how impossible it would be to find a spot, with only three weeks advance notice. We were about to give up on the vacation idea, and just as we decided to do it, I got a CampNab alert; we scored the passes and the campsite. Thank you for all the help!

Danya G.

“I got it!!!”

I tried in vain to book a beach site at DL Bliss in Tahoe for this summer. It. Was. Impossible. I won't go into the details of how prepared I was to nab a good spot. A lil obsessive I must say. Still didn't help obviously. So I settled for a site further away.

Then I found campnab randomly and figured it was worth a try...figuring I might get a last minute reservation. Wasn't holding my breath. WELP today I got a text that a spot opened up for my dates andddd swoop!! I got it!!! It was so worth the small fee to get us a perfect spot close to the beach. Made my day!! Thanks Campnab! 🏕

Dana Wimmer Creedon

“I am hooked”

Three weeks ago my kid comes to me and says “Mom, can we go to Pismo Beach?” I hop on the Reserve California and the weekends are booked up for 6months out. I get a Campnab subscription and within two days, I have a great spot at Pismo Beach.

I’ve since booked 4 more weekends at hard to book sites. I am hooked. Or, campnabbed! Ha!

Ginny Brideau

“…your site really did work!!!!!”

Oh my goodness, your site really did work!!!!! We were able to book a fabulous site at an extremely hard campground - Grayton Beach in Florida. Thank you so much!! You saved spring break!!!!

LeAnn Cuccunello

“We were able to score a site at Big Pine”

A friend was in town from PR and she said she wanted to camp! Everything was booked so I tried campnab and we were able to score a site at Big Pine CA for our dates. Will definitely use again when need arises. Customer service was also great 👍

Kelly Quigley

(Video) The Dyrt: Camping App Review


Is Campnab worth it? ›

Great value!” With the help of Campnab, we were able to book many campsites in high-demand parks for our trip through some of the National Parks in western USA. We definitely recommend this service and will be using it again. Great value!

Is campsite Assist legit? ›

Campsite Assist is a solid choice for a laser-focused, single scan at the most desirable campgrounds because it offers more scans per hour than other tools, at three-minute intervals. That speed comes at a cost: the cheapest three-minute scan is $14.

How do I cancel my Campnab subscription? ›

Go to your Dashboard (accessible from the website navigation). Once you're in, click on Plan. In the main text area, you'll see which plan you're subscribed to, its renewal date, and the text “Cancel your plan”. Click on that, and your plan is cancelled.

How do I leave a review for a campground? › has launched written reviews and rating for campgrounds and RV Parks. We've already heard from thousands of campers and RVers and now we want to hear from you! To review a park click on the Review It button. Then type the campground name in the text search box, then click write a review or rate it.

What is the alternative to Campnab? ›

The best alternative to Campnab is Camperguru.

Do people use bots to reserve campsites? ›

The owners of these bots would snatch up campsites as soon as they become available. They would then resell the campsite reservations and make a large profit off some of the most popular campsites in the country. Luckily, most camping reservation systems have put an end to this practice.

Is campsite theft common? ›

There's no way to predict who will walk by your campsite or what might attract their attention. The reports of stolen camping gear are very low, but they occur. Some people will take any opportunity to take something they want, even if it belongs to someone else.

Is owning a campsite a good investment? ›

Investing in real estate by owning a campground can create a steady profit as long as business owners know what to avoid and where to focus their energy. The camping industry saw a 2.7% growth in revenue from 2014 to 2019.

How does campsite assist work? ›

Get text & email alerts when a sold out campground has availability. Your alert will include a link so you can try and reserve the available campsite. Scan for availability for specific arrival/departure dates, or within a date range. Save up to 40% when you purchase a pack of specific scans.

How much is Arvie? ›

Arvie will NEVER charge any booking fees. After Free Trial period, you only pay the small membership fee of $19.95 per month.

Can you cancel reservations on recreation gov? ›

Customers may cancel a reservation prior to the day of the reservation check-in date, both online, through the app, or through the contact center. A $10 cancellation fee may apply. For most facilities, customers may not cancel a reservation after 12:00am local time on the reservation check-in date.

Can I cancel a Hipcamp? ›

Flexible - If you cancel at least 24 hours before your check in day and time, you'll receive a full refund (minus Hipcamp fees). If you cancel less than 24 hours before check in, there will be no refund.

What is the number one rule of camping? ›

Written rules of camping are straightforward: don't burn trash, clean up after your dog, don't cut down trees, leave nothing but footprints, etc. Usually, they'll be posted as rules for camping when you check in. You'll see them.

What is the golden rule of camping? ›

Keep it clean. The golden rule of camping is to leave the campsite better than it was. Clearing out old brush and plant debris and raking a spot for the tent are great ways to improve a campsite and it also deters insects and critters.

Can you leave your tent unattended at a campground? ›

You can leave your tent unattended when camping but at your own risk. Campsites are generally pretty safe as there are plenty of other people about but that doesn't mean there aren't criminals about too.

Can you really make money on Hipcamp? ›

Our most active hosts make over $100,000 per year hosting campers, and our least active hosts make a few thousand per year. Our average active host makes $8,000 – $15,000 per year. It all depends on the number of listings you can offer, the location and characteristics of your land, and how active you want to be.

Is Hipcamp worth it? ›

If you're a property owner and own land that's great for camping, Hipcamp is an excellent way to earn money. All the while providing an unforgettable and unique experience for others. So, if you're a massive fan of camping, give Hipcamp a try!

How profitable is a campsite? ›

How Much Do Owners and Investors Make? Your campground business can have an ROI of 10% to 20% or 25% to 30% as per the factors mentioned above. Residential real estate, for instance, will yield an ROI of 10% and stocks 7%.


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