What Are Orbeez Made Of ? What Happens If You Eat Orbeez? (2023)

Small little colorful balls that everyone loves making everyone wonder what are Orbeez made of. Did you ever give a thought to what is Orbeez and what makes them grow in the water?

Key Takeaways

Orbeez are made of SAP stands for super absorbent polymers.

  • These are water-absorbing polymers, shaped like tiny little balls or beads when dipped in the water, get 150 times bigger than their size.
  • Orbeez actually retain water.
  • Orbeez are not edible or toxic.

Are Orbeez toxic, and what can happen if you swallow these tiny little rubbery beads?

It is necessary to know all about Orbeez, their toxicity or safety, and everything else before you let your children get on them.

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There are chances they might try to swallow it, chew it or just taste it out of curiosity, so it is better to be sure before selecting a toy for your kids.

Here is the detailed guide on Orbeez:

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What Are Orbeez?

Orbeez are water-absorbing-polymers shaped like tiny little balls or beads that, when you dip in the water, get 150 times bigger than their size.

These are soft and feel like rubber when touched, extremely bouncy when thrown on a hard surface like the floor. Kids love playing with Orbeez.

Orbeez, at first glance, looks like tiny little beads that are hard to touch and sized equivalent to a toy gun pellet.

The best thing Orbeez are loved for is, that they increase their size in water, and some variants can grow equal to the size of a tennis ball. Is it magic?

Lol! No. It isn’t magic, but there are certain Orbeez ingredients that make them grow in water. What Orbeez ingredients make them grow 150 times more than their size overnight?

To know this, we will have to look into what are Orbeez made of.

What Are Orbeez Made Of?

Orbeez are made of SAP stands for super absorbent polymers. Polymers can be natural or manufactured; however, Orbeez are artificial compounds that are super absorbent of water.

Orbeez ingredients are based on various types of micro and macromolecules, between which chemical process occurs when these tiny little beads are dipped in water.

Orbeez Ingredients:

The Orbeez ingredients are hydrophilic, great at retaining water, and they become incredibly huge by absorbing moisture. You can see visible changes in their size within an hour of dipping in water.

Orbeez can be obtained from various brands and manufactured with different formulas, so they grow in different sizes when in water. Mostly they grow up to 14 mm.

Orbeez can retain an extensive amount of water in them. The liquid merges in the ball so effectively that even if you cut open these balls, no fluid spills out.

Are Orbeez Edible?

To find out if Orbeez are edible, we will have to look at what are Orbeez made of. While examining, we found no harmful chemical elements used in Orbeez ingredients.

However, Orbeez are not edible, and it is best to be extra careful with children while giving them Orbeez to play with as these small balls can pose danger.

These small balls get bigger after coming in contact with liquid. The liquid in the tract can increase their size.

Also, Orbeez doesn’t break down, so the natural elimination through the digestive process can be difficult in kids.

However, adults can easily pass them out via excretion. Nonetheless, it is better that Orbeez are not swallowed.

Are Orbeez Toxic?

Toxicity, once again, can be examined by beholding what are Orbeez made of. Fortunately, Orbeez are not toxic for humans, pets, and not even plants. In fact, these tiny beads have proven to be beneficial.

These Orbeez are made with hydrophilic ingredients and only contain water. The water is not toxic, nor any element. Swallowing Orbeez will not harm your health or life.

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They quickly pass through the digestive tract of adults, but kids might take a hard time poop Orbeez out, so being careful is recommended.

What Happens If You Eat Orbeez?

According to many research literature and experiments, people who swallowed Orbeez excreted them out of their bodies in the bathroom.

Do Orbeez grow if swallowed by coming in contact with your gut juice?

Yes, when interacting with any sort of liquid, hydrophilic Orbeez gets bigger but only up to 7mm in diameter, so passing them out through the digestive tract won’t be a problem for adults.

If you ask what happens if you eat a full-grown Orbeez, the answer is, that it can cause choking in kids and even adults, based on the size.

So, it is better that you don’t practice eating these biodegradable little balls.

Are Orbeez Biodegradable?

Entirely. Orbeez are 100 % biodegradable and add positive effects to the atmosphere when mixed.

Observing what are Orbeez made of gave us complete insights into the recipe that contains poisonous, toxic, or harmful chemicals for the environment.

Orbeez retains water, and you can dip your plant roots in the jar full of Orbeez to provide them with enough moisture without watering them on a regular basis.

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This is t; Orbeez have proven benefits for their biodegradability and well-ness for the environment.

What is Orbeez Used For?

Orbeez aren’t just toys or playful entities for kids but come with many benefits.

You will be astonished to know why and what were Orbeez made of. Orbeez were initially developed for plants and the soil to keep helping it retain water so that plants never get dehydrated.

Even animals use Orbeez to get water, such as crickets, grasshoppers, etc. Their use as toys occurred many years later when one of a toy manufacturer’s family saw their daughter playing with Orbeez by taking them out of water.

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Here are some more uses of Orbeez:

Aesthetic Appealing:

Orbeez are colorful beads that look so incredible and aesthetically appealing when kept in crystal jars. These are used by people for decoration

As Absorbent Gel:

In diapers and sanitary napkins, Orbeez are used as water-retaining gels so one can feel dry and relaxed. You can put beads in the diapers but use them as a gel. Usually, it is done on a professional level.

Control Flooding:

If Orbeez are placed at the shores of the water resources, causing a flood, Orbeez will gulp that water, and no torrent will come. Isn’t it great? However, you will need many million Orbeez for this.

Toy Gun Ammunition:

Instead of plastic pellets, which can be harmful and dangerous for kids, Orbeez can be used in guns. However, aiming should be avoided.

Grow Indoor Plants:

Orbeez can grow indoor plants, and if you go to YouTube, you can see many videos on the subject where small leaves quickly sprouted inside the Orbeez-filled jars.

The discussion doesn’t end here. Now, we are covering some questions that you sent us at Lookbroad.com/contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are based on the most related queries related to our today’s blog, what are Orbeez made of.

Here you go.

Are Orbeez poisonous?

No! Orbeez are made using safe ingredients that are non-toxic and biodegradable. So, Orbeez components are not poisonous to humans, animals, and plants.

Instead of being poisonous, Orbeez are made with environment-safe ingredients. These are safe and not poisonous for humans, animals, and plants.

How long does it take for Orbeez to grow?

Well, the growth speed of Orbeez depends upon brands because every brand has a different formula. So, some Orbeez variants can take less or more time depending on the chemical combinations.

However, if you need a rough idea regarding how are Orbeez made of and how long they can take to grow, it is four hours (minimum).

Within four hours, you will experience a visible difference in the size of your Orbeez. However, we recommend you dip Orbeez in water overnight so they can grow optimum.

Where do you get Orbeez from?

Orbeez are easily available everywhere, near you, or at online stores. However, we will recommend you choose an online store to buy Orbeez so that you don’t have to worry about the quantity.

Usually, physical stores don’t have large bundles of Orbeez to buy. When shopping online, you can find original Orbeez manufacturers and can order millions of Orbeez to reach you.

The price doesn’t fluctuate much when buying in stores and online.

How to make Orbeez without buying them?

You can make Orbeez at home by mixing gelatin with food coloring and putting them on a large stove.

There, when the mixture becomes more like liquids, you can pour drops of Orbeez solution into the cold oil to give them desired round shape.

Once the shape is made, rinse the Orbeez balls and dry them off at room temperature. Now, your Orbeez balls are ready to get dipped in the water and grow.

Bottom Line

Our discussion ends here. What are Orbeez made of, the question is answered from all perspectives here by adding the right information.

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